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Emperumanar Darsanam Are we being marginalised mail 2.

From: K.Sampathkumar (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 08:22:13 PST

Lord Narayana: Such a serious matter and you wanted adjounment and I granted it thinking you will present the case in a day or two.You have taken so much time .Can I take it you are not interested?
Adiyen: My Lord this is the judicial practice followed by all lawyers and I am no exception.Pl forgive me for the delay and permit me to present the case.My Lord, I may also be permitted to change the cause title from" " marginalised ""to "anhilate" The title  will be" are we being  annihilated"?.
Lord Naryana ;Who is the other gentleman next to you ?His  he your junior?
Adiyen :No, my Lord.
New gentleman: My Lord, I want to implead my self.I represent the group of people other than the so called Srivaishnavas.
Lord Naryana :What is your locus standi?What is the proof that you are an interested party?
N.G. My Lord,  the so called Srivaishnavas are only miniscule  compared to the total population of Hindus.We have accepted you my Lord  as God and we worship you  too. Before the advent of Srivaishnavism it was a common  faith of Hinduism.The Srivaishnavas cannot claim  you are the exclusive Lord for them alone.My Lord, to summarize we are in  whopping majority and more than that we whole heartedly accept you also as a Lord.My Lord you are a silent witness  and watch  lakhs and lakhs  of bhakthas have darsan of You at  Venkatam.The Srivaishnavas  my Lord, will be only a small percentage.Naryana smrti is always in our lips and our Acharyas always end  with chanting of  your name.
Lord Narayana :Prima facie you have established a case for impleading your self.Any way let me find out from other aparty whether they have any objection  to  include you as a party also.
Adiyen: My Lord  I am glad that they have accepted you as thier Lord  but why add that  too and also  when they conclude.Just because they are in majority  cannot be the sole reason to implead.Their presence will also help me to put across to them my point of view.Let me assure  You my Lord, I bear no ill feeling nor I  have any hatered.All I wanted to argue before you My Lord  is  as Srivaishnavas  we are being  sidelined, marginalised and annihilated.My Lord  this is happening because of the inaction of the Srivaishnavas  and not because of the  actions of other party eventhough there are  active partners  for the present state of a Srivaishnavan.I promise my Lord I will  not cast any aspersion or use any unparliamentary word while arguing.
Lord Naryana: This is Kaliyuga and what is destined to happen will happen.Do you still  want to change the cause title from marginalise to annihilate?
Adiyen: My Lord I am extremly disturbed and I am not in a proper mental frame after learning what is happening  at Srirangam In my impulsive reaction  I might have used a strong word .Let my fellow  Srivaishnavas  forgive me.
Lord Narayana :What has happened which has not happened else where and what are the Srivaishnavas doing  if you think something  wrong  is happening.?
Adiyen: My Lord most of us rarely act and react.We talk and talk till the events overrun us.Only few  dedicated Srivaishnavas like  SriVaishnavaSri  Krishnamachari Swami Thirumanjanam Sundararajan Swami and others are in the battle field and in front of them is the big Kaurava sainyam. Velukkudi Krishnan the Kaliyuga Kannan has been giving  his moral support by being in touch constantly with Srirangam and working behind the scene for a victory.The saddest part is  few Srivaishnavas  are playing the Sakuni role.All of us  are wathching the  battle without  making no or  any effort to give a lending hand.
Lord Narayana ;I understand you are really disturbed.Dont worry.When the time comes every one will realise their mistake.Sripiratiar cannot be seperated by any one  and I will adorn Her where She  is  to be.All these actions should wake you people  and this one of my Leelas to  awaken you all.I am not confident  whether you people will  start realizing.Even in  the Kuruchetra battle field I had to  go on  plead and plead and plead with  Partha  and after  so much of  preaching he understood.Naturally  you people are in Kaliyuga  and it will take more time.Have faith and I will come to your rescue.In this frame of mind  you cannot continue with the case should I adjorn it for another day?
Adiyen:My Lord you are The most understanding and merciful and kind.I beg you to adjorn the case.
Lord Narayana :As you wish.

Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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