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Sacrilege at SriRangam?

From: sadagopan iyengar (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 08:39:35 PST

            Srimate SrivanSatakopa Sri Vedanta Desika
Yatindra Mahadesikaya Nama:
Today’s “The Hindu” carries a report datelined
Srirangam, which, if true, ought to make the blood of
every true Sri Vaishnavite boil in anger or curdle in
sorrow , at the temerity of the powers that be , which
dare to interfere with impunity in the affairs of
temples, to the extent of trying to tamper with the
holiest of holies, the Moolamurthy of Sri Ranganatha 
Himself. Everyone is aware that Sri Ranganatha sports
the image of Sri Piratti and Srivatsam on his
vakshastalam. During the ongoing renovation work at
the sannidhi, the stapatis are reported to have
removed the embossed images of Sri Mahalakshmi and
Srivatsam from Periya Perumal’s thirumarbu and
replaced them with a tantric triangle symbol. It is
further reported that this sacrilege has been
committed with the approval of two representatives of
the Temple Committee. With the samprokshanam scheduled
for 15th March, the devout have appealed to the Chief
Minister, M Karunanidhi, to restore status quo ante.
However, knowing as one does the unsympathetic
attitude of the atheist CM, one wonders whether
anything constructive would at all be done in the
matter.Had Sri Tondaradippodi Azhwar been with us , he
would definitely have put into practice, with suitable
changes, his prescription “Veruppodu samanar mundar
vidhiyil sAkkiyargal-ninpAl porupparianagal pEsil
pOvathe nOyadAgi-kurippenakkidayumAgil koodumEl
thalayai AngE –aruppadE karumam kandai
 Adiyen  would call upon all SriVaishnavites to rise
in protest to prevent this avaidik ,Agama-viruddha
akramam being perpetrated in SriRangam , of all
   Had  the report appeared in any other daily
pandering to sensationalism, we might tend to ignore
it :but “The Hindu”is a   conservative newspaper with
a high degree of credibility.Adiyen would request
SriVaishnavas, specially those at SriRangam or Trichy,
to ascertain the truth of the matter and to organize
such action as may be suitable to prevent this
sacrilege. –dasan,sadagopan. 

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