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Divya Prabandham Audio online from Bahrain
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 01:07:30 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

namo narayana. adiyen's pranamams.

adiyen dasan venkat from bahrain.

Ten days back adiyen has announced about our hosting of entire divya 
prabandham in real audio format and adiyen would like to thank the 
bhagavathas who wrote to us privately appreciating our effort and we 
seek the blessings of PerumaL and acharyas to complete this important 

We had a set back as the server on which we were hosting our audio 
files was deleted by the free web page provider Tripod without even 
assigning a reason. More than 12 hours of uploading was lost and it 
is bagavath sankalpam. What we can do.

The good news is that we are now rebuilding on NBCi server and entire 
Mudhal aayiram and five hunderd verses of Peria thirumozhi is now 
again available on line. adiyen would like to thank Sri.Sunderrajan 
our satsangh member who has patiently uploaded the audio files in the 
new server.

For the sake of easy reference our audio files will be available at 

Pls check this site often to catch up with updates. We are also 
seriously looking for a paid service to host our site and your 
suggestions are welcome.There were numerous mails to adiyen regarding 
nonavailability of audio files at earlier URL and adiyen has emailed 
them individually apologising for the inconvenience.If any one of you 
did not receive adiyen's personal mail then pls make a note of our 
new URL and adiyen would like to apologise for your inconvenience.

Hope this kaimkaryam is of use to bhagavathas world wide.

Srimad Azhagiya singar thiruvadigale saranam.

adiyen ramanuja dasan,


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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