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Re: prostrating four times.

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 17:17:31 PST

Dear Sri M.S.Hari Swamin,

I have a small follow-up in this thread.

Swami mentions that:

>"yagnyE rAjagruhE sangrgE praNamEnnAbhivAdayEth"
>We can do praNAmams to bhAgavathAs in yAga-sAla, king's court, sabhA
>etc but at these places, one must not do abhivAdanam to a person. 

What about yAga-sAla which are inside temples? Are they excluded from
the rule? I was told by elders that pranAmams should not be done to
anyone else other than perumAl in temples.

But is the yAga-sAla *inside* the temple an exception?

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,


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