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Re: Dirhatamas

From: T.N.Santhanam (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 06:54:40 PST

Dear all

Adiyen Santhanam from Bangalore
This refers to yr query regarding Rg Veda 1.22.2.
What you are referring to is actually 1st ashtakam 22nd anuvakam. This
corresponds to 1st mandalam sookthas 157 to 164. There are eight sookthas.
Dhirgathama Auchithya: is the rishi and Agni is devata. Incidentally, even
in the previous anuvaka -i.e., 21st anuvaka - the same rishi and devata are
mentioned. There are a number of riks and the detailed purport will be known
only by going through Sayana's / Venkatamadhava's Bhashyas.
For the particular rk, could you tell me the first word so that I can refer
thru index ?

Sri Abhinav Desiaka Swamy Thiruvadi

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> Hello,
> I came across this interesting passage in the Rig Veda 1.22.2
> recently:
> Dirghatamas, the son of mamata, has grown old after the tenth yuga
> has passed, he is the Brahma of those who seek to obtain the object
> of their pious works, he is their charioteer.
> Can anybody throw further light on this archaic passage?
> Yuga is an age of a cycle.
> Brahma is the Upanishadic creator god.
> Dirghatamas?
> Anthanarik
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