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Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 01:05:09 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Continuing with adiyOmOdum ninnOdum pirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu".

"NanRaaga naan unnai anRi ilEn kaNdaai, naaraNanE, nee ennai inRi ilai".
Thirumazhisaip piraan in "naan mugan thiruvanthaathi"- 7

Slight rearrangement of words. "NaaraNanE! naan unnai anRi ilEn kaNdaai, nee
ennai inRi nanRaaga ilai". 

Meaning: Oh naaraayaNanE! See, I do not exist without you. This is a fact
because you are the creator sustainer and destroyer. So at your will and
pleasure only I can exist here. 
[Azhvaar perhaps might have thought but not expressed openly- hey Lord- Do
not be pleased with this sentence of mine, also await the next sentence]. 

Oh naaraayaNanE! You are also not good or not well there without me.
[Oh naaraayaNanE -please- that is the reality- If I am not here singing
about you and your glory, who is going to realise your existence and think
about you, then only the question of reaching you, mixing with you, etc. ] 

See the assertion here by Thirumazhisaip piraan in his naanmugan
thiruvanthaathi. When naaraayaNan cannot exist without the adiyaar like
T.piraan, then it has to be "Oh naaraayaNanE, nin adiyOmOdum ninnOdum
pirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu". Is it not?

"VaanuLaar perumaan madhusoodhanan emmaan thaanum yaanum ellaam thannuLLE
kalanthu ozhinthOm" - 2-3-1 nammaazhvaar's thiruvaaimozhi

Meaning: That madhusoodhanan, 
who is the Lord of all those living in the heaven or sky- Vaan+uLLaar+
he is my Lord also- emmaan, 
himself -thaanum, 
myself- yaanum or naanum, 
and all those- ellaam, 
in himself of the Lord- thannuLLE, 
mixed inseparably- kalanthu, 
we lost ourselves- ozhinthOm. 

We know very well the Lord is "aadhi antham illathavan"- there is no
beginning or no end- where is the question of losing him along with
ourselves- to say ozhinthOm. That simply means the mixing is so perfect,
that there is no separate identity for any body in this world, once we have
realised that Lord. 

Oh what a powerful expression of words. Again is it not "adiyOmOdum ninnOdum
pirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu".

Dasan M.G.Vasudevan

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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