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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 06:33:13 PST

Thiruvengada Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

>My request is:
>1. Any prayers you can suggest to help me. I presently recite Vishnu 
>Sahasranamam, Sani slokam and ashtotharam, Sudarasana Ashtakam, Hanuman 
>Chalisa, Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram, etc.
>2. What should any human being do when he or she realizes his mistakes in 
>the way of prayashcheetam.
>3. Anything that you might know about the role of saturn/Sani bhagawan in 
>one's life.

Dear Bhagavatas,

A few days back, some member asked whether we can post personal problems to the list seeking solutions from fellow members and Sri Mani has said yes.

However, it will be disastrous if every member gives his own advice and the solution seeker will get into further confusion.

Hence I suggest that learned members like Srimans
Velukkudi Krishnan, M A Alwar, N. Krishnamachari, Madhavakkannan, Sadagopan, Anbil
Ramaswamy etc. only should address such mails. It will be very good if a panel is set for this consisiting of a limited number of the highly learned among us.


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