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Mumookshapadi-Dvaya Prakaranam Part I

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Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 06:09:28 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:
Respected Members of Bhakti List,

In the coming weeks we shall atempt to present the meaning of Dvaya Prakaranam portion of Mumookshapadi in our list.

Before discussing, Dvaya Prakaranam, we give few lines to reintroduce  Mumookshapadi to our members.
Mumookshapadi is one of the 18 works of Swami.Pillai Lokachariar.
He was born to Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai and a contemporary Of Swami Desikan.
The Word Mumookshapadi  consists of two words

1.Mumookshu- the one who yearns for Moksham
2. Padi- to be understood.

Hence This Grantham consists of those information which a Mumookshu should
It has three major chapters..

1. Thirumantra Prakaranam
2. Dvaya Prakaranam
3. Sarama Sloka Prakaranam.

Mumookshapadi  gives full meanings of Thirumantram, Dvayam  and Sarama Slokam

In the posts from September 1999 Till Feb 2000, we had attempted to translate Thirumantra Prakaranam. 
>From now on, We will discuss Dvaya Prakaranam.


Dvayam is considered to serve as an extended meaning to Thirumantram.
In Thirumantram, from the  word "Nama:" we infer the path to attain the Lord,
>From  meaning of the word " Narayana" we realize that Lord is the goal as well for a jeevan to attain.
Dvayam explains both the Path of attainment of Lord and benefits accrue to one after such attainment.

Before elaborating further, Swami deals with what qualities a Srivaishnava need to have 
for  Dvaya Mantra initiation. they are listed as follows:

1.He does not have any attachment to any objects except the Lord.
2.He seeks refuge only from  the  Lord and none else.
3.He firmly believes that after taking shelter with Lord, he shall be protected(Maha Visvasam)
4.He longs and yearns for such protection and refuge.
5.He lives in a divya desams spending his time on Kalyana Gunas(Sacred attributes) of Lord.
6.He looks forward to  living with a Sri vaishnava who has these qualities.
7.He  dwells on the meanings of Thirumantram and Dvayam after learning.
8.He has affection and respect towards his acharyan who has imparted the meanings of above.
9.He has gratitude towards his acharyan and Lord for the protection and Grace.
10.He has knowledge, detachment and peace and likes to live among  Sattvic Srivaishnavas.

Such an eligible person, can learn the Rahasya  trayas(The three Rahasyams viz., Thirumantram,Dvayam and Sarama Slokam) 

Significance of Dvayam:

Sastras say that do the karmas as prescribed and you get liberation. 
>From the meaning of Thirumantram, the Atma gains the knowledge of single servitude to Lord and enjoys the benefit.
>From Sarama slokam, We find that it is due to the Lord that we gain liberation and the consequential benefit.(Lord says like "I give you",  "Do not worry" etc..).

>From Dvayam it is crystal clear that it is only due to the presence of Goddess Lakshmi(Peria Piratti), one actually gets protection and liberation.

For us  who have no other recourse than the Lord(Ananya gathithvam) to attain liberation and at the same time do not have any qualities to seek for such liberation(Akinchanathvam), it is only the Presence of Peria Piratti which enables us attain liberation easily.

>From the next post we shall discuss why and How Peria Piratti should do such a great favor to us.

Pillai Lokachar Thiruvadigale Saranam.



                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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