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Re: [[nama-singapore] Rahasyatraya Saaram Kaalakshepam]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 17:42:08 PST

Dear Shree T G Vijayakumar,

I thank you for your mail and for your interest in Shree Vaishnavam.
Shreemath Rahasyatraya Saaram is a book written by Shreeman Nigamanta
Maha Desikan. Shreeman Nigamanta Maha Desikan is an extraordinary
Aachaarya in Shree Vaishnava. He has composed thousands of books in
Shree Vaishnava phillosophy and practice. This Rahasyatraya Saaram is
a comprehensive work done by him at his ripe age. The book is written
in Tamil mixed with Sanskrit. If one undergoes the Kaalakhepam of
this book then it is sure that he/she can understand Shreevaishnava
philosophy and practice very clearly. This work is essence of all
scriptures. A Vaishnava has to study atleast 4 important books: They are
1. Shree Bhaasya of Raamanuja (commentry on Brahma Sutra)
2. Geetha Bhaasya of Raamanuja (commentry on Bhagavat Geetha)
3. Shreemath Rahasyatraya Saara of Nigamanta Maha Desika (As told above)
4. Bhagavat Visiyam (Commentry on Tiruvaimoli of Nammalvar)
These four books are called Grantha Chatushtayam.

If he/she is not able to study all the four, atleast he/she can study
Shreemath Rahasyatraya Saara which is comprehensive and has everything
in it as essence. As I told you, I can offer this work in Kaalakshepam
style (Discourses/questions & answers) every saturday/sunday/holidays
for Bhagavatas at Singapore. Interested people can contact me at and fix a venue/dates for the same. This is only a
Bhagavat Bhaagavat Kainkaryam(Service).

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan

"T G VijayKumar" <> wrote:

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namO nArAyaNA:

Dear Sri M S Hari,

    Thanks for the information. adiyEn is interested in knowing the
details of SRTS. Would appreciate if you could provide more details.

VijayKumar T G

m.s.hari (madabhushi sarangarajan hari) <> wrote: 
original article:
> Dear Bhaagavatas in Singapore,
>   (Kind Attn.Shreemath Madhavakkannan / Mani Varadarajan)
>   I am in Singapore working as a Software consultant. I think you
>   remember me when I sent my introduction-mail to you.
>   I can offer Rahasyatraya Saaram of Shreeman Nigamanta Maha Desikan
>   in "Kaalakshepam" style in Singapore. For other works also regarding
>   Kaalakshepam, please do contact me. If anybody at Singapore is
>   interested in Rahasyatraya Saaram Kaalakshepam on Saturday/Sunday
>   holidays, I can do it. I have presented Rahasyatraya Saaram
>   to many at Chennai. Venue at Singapore can be fixed for
>   Rahasyatraya Saaram is a comprehensive work of Shree Swamy Desikan,
>   learning which, one can clearly understand Visistaadvaita Shree    
> Vaishnava philosoply and practice. 
>   Thanks & Regards
>   M.S.HARI Raamanuja Daasan
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