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Vadakalai, ThenAcharya traditions at home, temple or matam

From: T. R. Govindarajan (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 22:45:35 PST

SRimathE GopAla Desika MahAdesikAya Namah
SRimathE nigamAnta mahADesikAya Namah
SRimathE RaamAnujAya Namah

I seek your clarification on various traditions at home, temple or matam.
I understand that there are only two Srivainava traditions;Vedanta Desikar and
Sri. ManavaLa mAmunigal.

I also understand that when an acharya of (e.g) Periashramam visits a temple
which follow ThenAcharya sampradAyam, the mangalasashanam will be as per the
temple tradition only and not as per Desikar sampradAyam.

Lifco Nityanusanthanam gives two Kramam for Ahobila matam. 1. Sri sannidhi 2.
Is Sri. Sannidhi sampradAyam followed at temples only? Is the matam sampradAyam
followed at Matams only? Which sampradAyam will be followed at home? What are
differences between two? Will SampradAyam at matam be also followed at temples?

I understand that Thiruvallur Veeraraghavan temple is Sri. Ahobila matam's
temple. Are Sarngapani (arAvamudan at Thirukudanthai) and Sri. Venkateswara
temple at
Perungulathur (next to Tambaram) also Sri. Ahobila matam's temples? If not, what
are the differences? 

What is about the tradition followed at Tirupathi?

The samprokshanam for Sri. Venkateswara temple, Bridgewater, NJ was performed by
Sri. Sri. Sri. Tridandi SrimannArAyaNa RAmAnuja Chinnajeeyar in June 1998.
Today, during Sattumurai we follow the tradition of priest who performs puja to
the deity, followed by other sattumurai.

Can the learned members of (Sri. Varadan, Sri. Sadagopan, Sri. Anbil Ramaswamy,
Sri. Anand Karlapakkam, Sri. Maha vishnu or others) the group clear my confusion
over the
traditions in following nityanusanthanam, sattumurai at home, temple and matam?



                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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