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From: T A Muralidharan (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 01:03:47 PST

To all

I need some advise.

I stay here in Gaborone, Botswana in Southern Africa.  Recently we have
installed Lord Srinivasa's urchavar in our Hindu hall. ( Not a proper
temple).  we wish to conduct some paryers every wednesday and I need some
guidance, as to what to recite and the order.  Though we have different
opinions, I still thought I should take your opininons, as I am very
impressed by the way the knowledge flows through your Group.

Also, can I have the calender of Lord srinivasa for the year 2000, which we
want to celebrate and make a mark of Vaishnavism.

We would like to commence this from the day of swami's thiru Natchathiram.

Please assist me.


T A Muralidharan

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> 9264. Murali Kadambi            Re: Why BOOKS ?  - IMPORTANT
> 9265. Anand Karalapakkam        Re: Appeal for UttamUr SwAmi's Books
> 9266. Sadagopan                 Status of the CD ROM project on " the Life
and wo
> 9267. Kalyani Krishnamachari    nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL  8
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> >Dear Kalale and other BhaghavatOttams:
> >
> >The spirited writing of Krishna are always inspiring.  His appeal
> >prioritization of our resources.  Preserving the works of our great
> >achAryas
> >is fundamental to our faith.
> >
> >On the issue of publishing or printing more books, my personal opinion
> >There are probably lots of books but we have lack of readers.  We can
> >probably circumvent this problem by starting small study-groups (like the
> >Gita session of Shri Kalale).  Create
> >interest in these subjects and people will automatically come forward to
> >encourage these programs.
> >
> >On the issue of abharanams, I respect the views of Shri Sadagopan.  My
> >mother and other family members  feel that way.  However, personally I
> >think, provision of clean water facility, a nice bathing ghat in the pond
> >(kulam), fans & lights inside the sannidhys, elimination of cockroaches
> >inside the sannidhy etc., a ayurvedic dispensary in our divya desams to
> >help
> >the poor, require greater priority.  Cleaniness is next to Godliness is
> >probably not very much appreciated in our system (probably due to the
> >weather?).
> >
> >AdiyEn
> >
> >Vijayaraghava Dasan
> >Buffalo, NY
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> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 10:55:51 -0800 (PST)
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> Subject: Re: Why BOOKS ?  - IMPORTANT
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> Dear bhAgawatas,
> I CANNOT BUT AGREE with this e-mail.  Speaking of
> books ... when I returned from India this time I
> brought with me three complimentary copies of the
> beautiful Kannada book entitled "Ramanuja sookti
> muktAvali" written by the famous U. Ve. (Dr.) N. S.
> Anantharangachariar of Bangalore.  The book gives in
> simple readable Kannada the entire doctrine of
> VisishtAdvaita as expounded by Ramanuja.  The
> interesting feature of the book (from what I have
> read) is that it refers only to Ramanuja's words and
> works and none else.  (Others who have read this book
> and find otherwise, please correct me.)  So, the book
> can verily be considered a sri-sukti of our dearest
> Ramanujacharya in Kannada.
> The SVSS was involved in the noble cause of raising
> funds for this book, and there were several donors in
> that effort.  I REQUEST the donors kindly to provide
> me their postal address and other details either on
> this list or via personal e-mail so that I can go
> ahead and ship them a copy each.  I should be able to
> ship to addresses within the US (and possibly Canada).
> SrImAn U. Ve. Anantharangachariar swAmin was more than
> delighted to send copies of his book through me for
> the benefit of readers in North America, and in fact
> had brought along with him many more than my luggage
> bag could fit.
> May the effort to print books on our philosophy take
> on greater momentum because if we lose books, we will
> have nothing more than anecdotes and blank faces to
> offer to our next generation.
> || rAmAnujArya divyAj~Na vardhatAm abhivardhatAm ||
> -- aDiyEn, muraLi kaDAmbi
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> Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 02:24:42 +0530
> From: Anand Karalapakkam <>
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> Subject: Re: Appeal for UttamUr SwAmi's Books Publication
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> SrI:
> SrI SrInivAsa ParabrahmaNE namaha
> SrImad abhinava dESIka UttamUr VerrarAghavArya -
> mahAdESIkAya namaha
>  Dear devotees,
>  namO nArAyaNA.
>  Kainkaryam (service performed with sAtvIka tyAgam)
>  to the Divya Dampati SrI and NArAyaNA is the
>  parama-purushArtam (the final goal) for a jIvAtma.
>  Such kainkaryams for a baddha jIvAtma can broadly be
>  classified into two categories viz. (i) Ag~nyA kainkaryams
>  which are mandatory according to the VarNA and Ashrama and
>  (ii) anug~nyA kainkaryams which are optional.
>  Out of the endless types of anug~nyA kainkaryams,
>  SwAmi dESikan in the chillarai rahasyam "pradhAna Satakam"
>  clearly points out that  "Kainkaryam in the form of
>  jn~Anam" is superior to "Kainkaryam in the form of
>  physical act" ie. kainkaryams like learning and
>  spreading ubhaya-vEdAnta is superior to kainkaryams like
>  making garlands for PerumAL etc. SwAmi dESikan says that
>  such kainkaryams in the form of "Jn~Anam" are "pradhAnam"
>  (of foremost importance).
>  The SrIsookti of SwAmi dESikan is :
>  "anug~nyA siddha kainkaryamgaLil kriyAmSatthil jn~AnAmSam
>   pradhAnamAna padiyAlE jn~Ana-upayukta-prabandha-
>   pariSeelanamum SAstrArtha-pratisandhAna-hEtuvAna dwaya
>   vacanAdigaLum pradhAnangaL"  ( PradhAna Satakam, 54).
>   It is stated that, learning vEdAnta and the divine works
>   of AzhwArs and AchAryAs to obtain jn~Anam belongs to
>   the category of "Kainkaryam in the form of jn~Anam".
>   Rememberance of such learnt sAstrAs through Dwaya mantra
>   etc is also stated to be a "kainkaryam in the form of
>   knowledge/jn~Anam". These are "pradhAnam" ie. of utmost
>   importance in comparison to "Kainkaryams in the form of
>   physical act".
>   Infact, the first three of the last five commandments
>   of Bhagavad RAmAnujAchArya is
>   1. To study and propagate SrI BhAshyam, his magnum opus
>      and the commentry to Brahma SUtrAs of Sage VyAsa.
>   2. To study and propagate the Divya Prabandham (not
>      mere texts, but the implied meanings) of AzhwArs.
>   3. To recite Dwaya mantram with the knowledge of its
>      meaning.
>     Bhagavad RAmAnuja then said that if these things
>     weren't possible, one should perform services at a
>     divya dEsam Or be merely a good servant for a
>     SrI Vaishnava who does the above kainkaryams.
>   Also, one of the last commands of SrI UttamUr SwAmi,
>   before ascending to paramapadam, to his disciples in
>   particular and the SrI Vaishnava community in large is
>   to re-print  his works and the works of the AchAryAs
>   whenever they are not available and _always_ make them
>   available for the needy.
>   The emphasis on the anug~nyA kainkaryam in the form
>   of knowledge is the most important message from our
>   AchAryAs, since the Divya Dampati are greatly delighted
>   by these kainkaryams. Afterall, its Lord NArAyaNa who is
>   the first AchArya of our SrI SampradAyam and He has made
>   it a point to always propagate the vEdAs and Smrutis
>   from kalpam to kalpam and to provide us with AzhwArs
>   and AchAryAs for our utmost benifit to understand the
>   tattva, hita and purushArtam properly. He has been doing
>   this without any tiredness from time immemorial and it is
>   by itself an indication as to what we should also do
>   with sAtvIka tyAgam to please SrIman NArAyaNA.
>  Thus, any kainkaryam (like re-printing books of AchAryAs)
>  that gives immense oppurtunity for many kainkaryams in the
>  form of jn~Anam is undoubtedly of foremost importance.
>  In this light, adiyEn requests you all to kindly support
>  this very important project of reprinting the invaluable
>  works of SrI abhinava dESika UttamUr VeerarAghavAchArya,
>  which are mostly commentries and glosses of the invaluable
>  works of our pUrvAchAryAs. Preservation of these books
>  and passing it on to the next generation is of great
>  importance.
>      During the kAlakshEbams of UttamUr SwAmi, his
>      foremost disciple SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya has noted
>      down very important and relevant points and footnotes
>      as and when UttamUr SwAmi delivered it. This has
>      been done directly in the personal copy of his
>      book itself for many works of UttamUr SwAmi.
>      Many points were mainly noted down by him because,
>      UttamUr SwAmi himself felt that it would have been
>      better if those things also were penned down earlier
>      by him into the manuscript, before the publication.
>      Be it Bhagavad gItA Or SarvArtha Siddhi Or ParamArtha
>      bhUshanam etc, SrI SrIvatsAnkhAchArya has ready-made
>      notes and footnotes in his personal copy of the
>      book. Its extremly important to make them get printed
>      and it will be duly incorporated in this re-print.
>    The other very important feature of this re-printing
>    series is that, English translation of the bhUmikAs
>    (ie. Introductions) of UttamUr SwAmi will be added.
>    adiyEn has requested SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya to translate
>    the bhUmikAs of UttamUr SwAmi into tamil with additional
>    footnotes if neccessary. It will then be translated into
>    English with the help of scholars who has good background
>    in English.
>    Infact, all the bhUmikAs of UttamUr SwAmi are
>    outstanding and all of our vidvAns have poured in lots
>    of praises. Scholars say that SwAmi's bhUmikAs are so
>    well researched and un-biassed, involving excellent
>    analysis that, it forms a separate Ph.D. thesis in
>    itself! One of the well known vidvAns of our
>    sampradAyam told adiyEn in a private conversation :
>    " I will now reveal my 'trade secret' to you. To master
>      a subject, be it a certain Upanishad Or any other
>      topic, I will first master the bhUmika of UttamUr
>      SwAmi on that topic, which will invariably be
>      outstanding. I will follow the references made by
>      him into various texts in that topic and would master
>      those places atfirst alongwith the comments made by
>      pUrvAchAryAs and UttamUr SwAmi. By this process,
>      even without reading the whole commentry on that
>      topic, you will become a great authority in it.
>      All the intricate intellectual analysis as a
>      homework has already been done by UttamUr SwAmi.
>      We need to just pick it up and use. This is my
>      success story and why I am being hailed by other
>      vidvAns also as a good authority in many topics. "
>     Thus, the English translation of the bhUmikAs of
>     UttamUr SwAmi is a very important kainkaryam and its
>     inclusion in this re-print has been planned since
>     it serves as a great boon for those who can't
>     understand Sanskrit.
>    There are certain "bhUmikA" classics of UttamUr SwAmi,
>    one of the most outstanding of which is that to the
>    "Nayadyumani" of SrI MEghanAda sUri. It runs over 60
>    pages and adiyEn has heard vidvAns pouring out lots
>    of praise to this bhUmika in particular.
>   adiyEn has requested SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya to translate
>   _all_ the bhUmikAs of UttamUr SwAmi into tamil,and that
>   tamil version alongwith the original sanskrit version
>   will be printed as a separate book. SwAmi has very kindly
>   accepted to perform the same and has already started
>   the translating work, starting from the gItA bhAshya
>   bhUmikAs - which are another masterpieces.
>   By the way, SrI U.Ve.SrIvatsAnkAchArya is a chatur
>   sAstra pandita (ie. expert in vEdAnta, nyAya, pUrva
>   mImAmsa and vyAkarana) who learnt all the four sAstrAs
>   under the sacred feet of UttamUr SwAmi. For many
>   years of the past, this swAmi is a regular invitee for
>   the sathas (meet of scholars) conducted by advaitins and
>   dwaitins as well and this by itself gives the
>   indication of the quality of this swAmi's scholarship.
>   Needless to say, SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya has presided over
>   and has been presiding many meets of esp. ViSishtAdvaita
>   scholars. He is an unparalleled authority in VyAkarana
>   (Grammar : VEdic Sanakrit and normal sanskrit) and is
>   spearheading a great project at the French Indological
>   Institute at Pondichery, Tamilnadu. It is on the creation
>   of an encyclopedia on the different words of sanskrit,
>   giving a good amount of details for each word.
>   adiyEn has also requested SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya to kindly
>   bless us with a bhUmika of his to each of the works of
>   UttamUr SwAmi, in making us understand the contribution
>   of UttamUr SwAmi for that topic, apart from adding his
>   own analysis. This will also appear in the re-printed
> books,
>   alongwith its English translation.
>   Another project which has been started is the gathering
>   of all the articles of UttamUr SwAmi that got published
>   in magazines like VEdAnta Deepika, SrI Nrusimha PriyA,
>   Souvenirs etc. adiyEn is hoping to publish a book
>   containing all such articles of UttamUr SwAmi. The
>   quality of the articles of UttamUr SwAmi are unparalleled
>   and various researched issues that are in his articles
>   won't be there in his books. So, its extremly important
>   to procure them and get it published. But, it will take
>   lot of time and efforts to finish this project. Its
>   extremly difficult to get the older issues of the
>   magazines and souvenirs, and adiyEn has requested few
>   vidvAns to kindly help out and work as a team. Hope that
>   PerumAL does favourable sankalpam for this.
>   Well, there are more than 160 works published by UttamUr
>   SwAmi and this can give you a feel of the efforts that
>   are needed for the successful completion of the project.
>  adiyEn humbly requests you all to very kindly donate
>  quite liberally towards this very important kainkaryam.
>  It would be great if you can sponsor even the publication
>  of book(s) Or get such sponsorors. There are scores of
>  books to be reprinted and the invaluable service rendered
>  by such reprinting can't be emphasized more.
>  Devotees at US and Canada are requested to send their
>  cheques (payable to SMSA Inc) to :
> Sree Vaishnava Seva Samithi
> 7821 West Alder Drive
> Littleton
> CO 80128-5522
>     All the donors will enjoy tax excemption.
>  Devotees outside US and Canada are kindly requested
>  to send their contributions payable to "Sri Uttamur
>  Viraraghavachariar Centenary Trust".
>   Mailing address :
>    SrI K.G. Krishnan
>    11 Hasthigiri Street,
>     Chennai 600 033,
>     India.
>  adiyEn will follow up with a series on the Life and
>  works of UttamUr SwAmi and will also let you know about
>  the currently available books.
>   Thanks in advance for your kind interest in this
>   kainkaryam.
>  AzhwAr, yemperumAnAr,dESikan,Azhagiyasingar -
>  thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
>   adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
>   ananthapadmanAbha dAsan.
>   krishNArpaNam
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> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:29:16 -0500 (EST)
> From: Sadagopan <>
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> Subject: Status of the CD ROM project on " the Life and works of the
AzhwArs and the 108 Dhivya Desams " project
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> Dear BhakthAs :
> At the end of the second day of the announcement
> of this kaimkaryam , it is my privelege to report back
> to you that a total of 19 BhakthAs from here and abroad
> have come forward to raise so far the following sums
> against the target figures of :
> (1) $500 for the replacement of the aging Thridhandam
>     on the hand of EmperumAnAr at SriperumbhUdhUr ;
>     $Pledges for $400 has been received sofar. We are
>     thus at the 80% level of reaching the above target .
> (2) $5,000 for the New CD ROM project to pay our tributes
>     to the revered AzhwArs and the 108 dhivya desams that
>     they sung about in the sacred collect of 4,000 Verses :
>     Pledges for $2,200 have been received sofar and that
>     leaves us to raise an additional sum of $ $2,800 .
>     We need 28 more pledges of $100 each or 14 pledges
>     of $200 each . We are now at the 44 % level of
>     the needed $5,000 .
> The individual pledges have ranged from $51 to $250 by
> the dear members. Some have pledged to send their
> contributions in Indian Rupees , which is perfectly fine .
> With the dhivya Dampathis' blessings , it is adiyEn's
> prayer that we be will blessed to raise the rest of
> the funds before Sri Rama Navami (April 24) at the latst
> and place the SamarpaNams at the sacred feet of the AzhwArs
> dear to our Lord RaamachandrA and His divine consort ,
> SithA PirAtti .
> Those of You , who have followed the moving postings of
> Sriman MaadhavakkaNNan on Dhivya Prabhandhams
> of Swamy NammAzhwAr and Thirumangai AzhwAr know
> the powerful and unique relationship that the AzhwArs
> had with Sriman NaarAyaNan and Sri MahA Lakshmi .Those
> of You following the erudite postings of Srimathi
> KalyANi KrishNamachari on NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi
> and the postings of Sri M.G.Vaasudevan on
> PeriyAzhwAr's Thirumozhi and postings by
> erudite scholars like Sri Bharat of Bangalore,
> Sri Sridharan of Houston, Sri Varahdan of Denver
> know how precious are the anubhavams of
> the AzhwArs during their spiritual journeys
> to achieve MokshAnugraham .
> Those , who have taken part in the adhyayana uthsavams
> at Sri RanganathA's temple at Pomona , NY and at the temple
> for Sri Balaji at Chicago know the power of the recitation
> of these sacred collects .
> One of the three reasons for initiating this project
> is to share the exquisite anubhavam of the twelve great
> AzhwArs with fellow-BhakthAs , whose Mother tongue
> may not be Tamil ;even for those, whose Mother tongue
> is Tamil , it is not easy to understand the nuances of
> the experiences of the AzhwArs during their
> spiritual journeys except with the help of
> elaborate commentaries by poorvAchAryAs .
> The other two goals of the project are  :
> (1)to reach out to the younger generation about
> the glories of the treasures left behnd for us
> as family  wealth by the twelve AzhwArs  and
> (2) to have a virtual journey of the 108 dhivya desams
> with appropriate graphics and video clips .
> Please take part in this educational outreach
> kaimkaryam  that uses the new media technologies
> to spread the message of our Ubhaya VedAntha
> SampradhAyam. The AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM
> focused on the Sanskrit Vedic heritage and this
> new CD ROM will celebrate " the Vernacular Vedham ".
> Your contributions can be sent to me at the following
> address :
> V.Sadagopan
> Apt 6B-1, Scarborough manor
> Scarborough , NY 10510
> I will forward the checks addressed to me
> to India to start the kaimkaryam as soon
> as possible and set ourselves six month's
> time to complete this sacred project .If there
> is a Tax-deductible way to forward the samarpaNams,
> adiyEn will be very happy .
> Daasan , V.Sadagopan
> ------------------------------ message 9267 ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:11:18 -0800 (PST)
> From: Kalyani Krishnamachari <>
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> Subject: nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL  8
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>                            SrI:
>       SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE
> SaraNam
>              nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL
> pASuram 10.8 (tenth tirumozhi - pAsuram 8 mazhaiyE!
> mazhaiyE!)
> mazhaiyE! mazhaiyE! maN puRam pUSi uLLAi ninRa
>   mezhugu URRinARpOl URRu nal vE'nkaTattuL ninRa
> azhagap pirAnAr tammai en ne'njattu agappaDat
>   tazhuva ninRu ennai tagaittuk koNDu URRavum vallaiyE
> A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:
> Oh rainy clouds!  In making vigraha-s etc., it is
> common to first make a figure of wax, then coat it
> outside with clay, and then melt the wax inside and
> pour it out.  The azhagar of tiruvE'nkaTam has
> similarly embraced me outside, and is melting me
> inside out and destroying me.  Won't you first unite
> me with Him so that I can embrace Him closely just as
> I am imagining in my mind, and then shower your rains
> over both of us to your heart's content?
> B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP :
> The clouds have rained and made the flowers (kArkkODal
> etc.) blossom, and the peacocks dance with joy, and
> have tortured ANDAL in whichever way they can.  Now
> they have started showering on her as well, and thus
> continue to disturb ANDAL's mind even further.  SrI
> tirumalai nambi is said to have become deeply
> engrossed with the meanings of this pASuram and the
> next one, and after chanting these pASurams, will be
> filled with tears in his eyes ("kaNNum kaNNIrumAi oru
> vArttaiyum SollAdE"), and will become silent and not
> be able to proceed further for quite some time.
> mazhaiyE mazhaiyE:  the reason why godai is calling
> the clouds two times is that, they are all so far away
> and she wants to make sure they can hear her.
> maN puRam pUSi uLLAi ninRa mezhugu URRInARpOl:  People
> who make vigrahams first make a wax figure, apply cold
> clay on the outside , then melt the wax inside and
> pour it out. When emperumAn embraced godai, it was
> like applying cold clay on the outside. When her heart
> melted and turned inside out, it was like heating up
> the wax to expel it outside.
> azhagap pirAnAr tammai:  He is endowed with the
> soundaryam that is so captivating everyone, and I am
> totally out of my control.
> en ne'njattu agappaDat tazhuva ninRu:  I should
> embrace Him in the same form as He is in my heart,
> unlike the current state where He eludes me as soon as
> I stretch out my hands to embrace Him.  When we are
> together thus embraced and together just as
> bANAsuran's daughter Ushai and kaNNan's grandson
> aniruddhan were chained together in the same jail,
> then you pour your rain on both of us to your heart's
> content;  not now when I am alone and depressed.
> C. Additional thoughts from SrI PBA:
> The raining clouds with whom godai had already talked
> to in "viNNIla mElAppu" had been the cause of several
> things and events that have tortured her (like the
> flowers, fruits, the dancing of the peacocks etc).
> In addition to killing her through these, the clouds
> have now started raining on her and directly hitting
> her.  Rain during the vislEsha kaLam (viraha tApa
> kAlam) is not a welcome event for godai.  Hence, she
> is requesting them to rain during the samslEsha kAlam,
> when the rain's varsham will be "Anandakaram".
> D. Additional thoughts from SrI UV:
> SrI UV gives a couple of alternate interpretations for
> this pASuram.  One involves taking the phrase "maN
> puRam pUSi uLLAi ninRu mezugu URRiNARpOl URRu nal
> vE'nkaTattuL" together, and interpreting the phrase
> "maN puRam pUSi" to refer to tiruvE'nkaTam Hills, and
> mezugu URRiNARpOl to refer to the pouring waterfalls
> over the divine Hills.  The anubhavam here is that
> tiruvE'kaTa malai looks like a huge rock coating over
> some object, and bhagavAn is pouring the waterfalls on
> these Hills like pouring the molten candle over this
> shape.
> The second interpretation is that ANDAL is praying to
> the clouds that in addition to their pouring their
> waters on her, they should embrace Him and bring him
> over and shower Him also on her (azhagap piRAnAr
> tammai URRavum).  This way, He will be close to her
> (ennait tagaittuk koNDu) just as she imagines in her
> mind.  There is a coating in her mind of the desire to
> be close to Him, like the wax coating on the figure
> referred to earlier.  If the clouds bring Him and pour
> Him on her mind (en ne'njattu agappaDat tazhuvik koNDu
> ennait tagaittukkoNDu URRavum), the wax of desire will
> melt away because her desire would have been
> fulfilled.
> ANDAL feels:  "Currently, I am looking at objects like
> you and my desires grow out of proportions out of
> despair.  If you rain Him on me in such a way that He
> is with me the way I imagine in my heart, then I will
> not have to look outside at objects like you any
> more":
> ("naishA paSyati rAkshasyo nemAn pushpa phaladrumAn
>    ekasta hRdayA nUnam rAmamevAnupaSyati" - rAmAyaNam
> sundara kANDam  )
> mazhiyE mazhaiyE:  Can mean several rain clouds  or
> clouds that are far away or for calling the clouds
> with love to request them for their help [[compare
> agastya's words in Aditya hRdayam when calling rAma
> with love:
> "rAma rAma mahAbAho" in yuddha kANDam ].
> Abbreviations:
> ------------------
> PVP= SrI periyavAccAn piLLai
> PBA= SrI prativAdi bhayankaram aNNangarAcAriyAr
> UV  = SrI uttamUr vIrarAghavAcAriyAr
> sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyeti samarpayAmi.
> adiyEn,
> kalyANi kRshNamAcAri
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