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From: ranganathan narasimhan (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 22:07:27 PST

hello bhakti list members,
     my name is narasimhan. i am a merchant navy
officer, with residence at chennai. i'm a sri
vaishnava by birth and am interested in knowing more
about sri vaisnava philosophy. 

 a question :

  all the shastras state that the yuga dharma of this
yuga is only the chanting the holy names of
hari.(vishnu puranam, srimad bhagavatham & padma
puranam) more specifically of krsihna ( kirtanAd Eva
krishnasya muktah sangah param vrajEt) . how do the
srivaishnavas practice this.

 thanks sriman mani for including me in the list.

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