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nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL 9

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 10:37:18 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL

pASuram 10.9 (tenth tirumozhi - pAsuram 9 kaDalE!

kaDalE! en tuyargaL ellAm nAgaNaikkE uraitti

kaDalE! kaDalE! unnaik kaDaindu kalakkuRuttu
 uDaluL pugundu ninRu URal aRuttavaRkku ennaiyum
uDaluL pugundu ninRu URal aRukkinRa mAyarkku en
  naDalaigaL ellAm nAgaNaikkE SenRu uRaittiyE

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

Next, godai appeals to the ocean:  "Oh Ocean!  You
gave Him a place to lie down.  But He ended up
churning you with a mountain, penetrated your body,
and extracted the nectar from within you.  So also, He
entered my body, and He is extracting my life out of
me now.  Since you have undergone the same kinds of
sufferings that I am going through, won't you go and
inform tiru anantAzhvAn who is His sacred bed, about
all the misery I am going through (so that he can in
turn intercede on my behalf?)" 

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP:  

kaDalE kaDalE:  The kaDal (ocean) is not hearing when
she calls once because of the alai muzhakkam (sound of
the waves), so she is calling twice.

unnaik kaDaindu kalakkuRuttu:   You helped Him by
serving as His bed; He reciprocated by churning you
inside out without even having a consideration for you
who served as His bed.  He is one who has demonstrated
that He is capable of drilling a rock at the throat of
one who gives Him a place to lie down, and draining
out all their power and resources from them.  You are
suffering the same plight I am going through; so, you
should help me.

uDaluL pugundu ninRu URal aRuttavaRkku: He first
embraced you as His bed, and then under the pretext of
helping the dEvas, He drained you of all your

ennaiyum uDaLuL pugundu ninRu URal aRukkinRa:  Just as
He did to you, He embraced me first, and then drained
me of all that I possessed.

mAyaRkku: Even though He thus mistreated me, He is the
Wonder that continues to draw me to Him
uninterruptedly and incessantly ("koDiya en ne'njam
avan enRE kiDakkum" - tiruvAimozhi 5-3-5).

en naDalaigaL ellAm: "All the sufferings that I am
going through, which are similar to the ones you are
going through (like going and coming aimlessly and
ceaselessly all the time, not sleeping all through
night and day, calling continuously, and not giving up
no matter how long it takes)".
nAgaNaikkE SenRu uRaittiyE: I know it is a difficult
feat to approach Him, but if you go up to tiru
anantAzhvAn who is our friend, he will make a
recommendation on our behalf.  So, our task will
become easier. ( "nAgaNai miSai nampirAn SaraNe SaraN
namakku" - tiruvAimozhi 5-10-11 - nammAzhvAr had
resorted to tiru anantAzhvAn for purushakAratvam as

C. Additional thoughts from SrI PBA:  

ANDAL is aware of the close relation between emperumAn
and the Ocean:  

"mAlum karunkaDalE! en  nORRAi! vaiyagam uNDu Alin
ilait tuyinRa AzhiyAn - kOlak karumEnic cengaNmAl kaN
paDaiyuL enRum, tirumEni nI tINDap peRRu" - mudal tiru

nAgaNaikkE SenRu uRaitti:  It looks as though tiru
anantAzhvAn is the only one who is qualified to do
kaimkaryam to Him at all times and in all forms -
"SenrAl kuDaiyAm irundAl Si'ngAsanamAm".  Go and let
him know that we should also be given a chance to take
part in His kaimkaryam.   He is not the the only one
who should be  allowed to do kaimkaryam for emperumAn.

D. Additional thoughts from SrI UV: 

SrI UV points out that gOdai who had been calling
emperumAn by respectful names [[ like vEda mudalvar,
vAi azhagar, kumaranAr, vEnkaTa nAdar, maNavALar,
azhagappirAnAr ]], is now calling Him in singular
"aRuttavaRkku", "mAyaRkku".

Godai tried treating all the beings which were causing
misery to her with all due respect, because she
considered them to be all part of Him and having His
amSam in them.  That did not bear any fruit for her. 
Next, she tries to look for something that has gone
through an experience similar to her, and is also
close to Him.  She thinks of the ocean as the best
representative that fits this criterion, to help her
who is drowned in the ocean of sorrow.   So she now
calls out to the Ocean.  She calls 'kaDalE' twice,
just to make sure that the ocean realizes that she is
calling out seeking its help, and not with any other

kaDalE kaDalE:  "Oh ocean!  I know you helped Lord
rAma and kRshNa when they called out to you for help
[[ you helped rAman to build a dam across you,  and
gave a place for residence in dvAraka when kaNNan
decided to establish His city down below your water
]].  Now I need your help.  

nAgaNaikkE SenRu uRaittiyE:  Go, tell Him what my
sufferings are.  He is lying on you with AdiSeshan as
His bed.  Don't worry about how to wake Him up, or how
to know when He is awake etc.  AdiSeshan is very close
to you and also to Him; so, all you do is tell
AdiSeshan, and he can take care of the rest, since he
knows when emperumAn is asleep or awake.   Tell
AdiSeshan the following words: "Just as He who churned
me inside out is always with me, lying on me,
embracing  me and giving me Anandam, He who churned
gOdai's heart should embrace her and give her the same
anubhavam of closeness and Anandam also". 

PVP= SrI periyavAccAn piLLai
PBA= SrI prativAdi bhayankaram aNNangarAcAriyAr
UV  = SrI uttamUr vIrarAghavAcAriyAr

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyeti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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