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Re: Udayavar ThridhaNdam kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 06:32:44 PST

Dear Srimathi Sridevi Suresh:

Thri+ DhaNdam means the three sticks.
These sticks are thin Bamboo saplings
tied together with sacred thread and
rituals to protect the vows taken by 
a VaishNava sanyAsi as he enters the sanyAsa aasramam.
He receives the ochre robe, PrEksha manthram
( manthram to initate him into th eorder of SanyAsis from
his AchAryan ) . The three sticks stand symbolically
for the vows to adhere strictly to SanyAsa Dahrmam 
(Code of Conduct) .There is a flag 
of white hue on top of that sticks tied together.
That symbolizes purity and victory among other things.
The 11th slOkam of YathirAja sapthadhi of
Swamy Desikan covers the Radiant beauty of 
AchArya RaamAnujA as the Emperor of Monks
with his ThridhaNDam , Sacred thread, Sikhai
and sacred marks (puNDram ) of the Lord on his body .

AchArya RaamAnujA took sanyasam at Kaanchi
in front of Lord VaradarAjA .A sanyAsi 
has to have the ThridhaNdam in his hands or nearby 
always. The ThridhaNdam on the hands of 
AchArya RaamAnujA symbolizes further that 
he is Yathi RaajA or the emperor of
SanyAsis . That is the significance.

In non-VaishNavite Sanyasa dharmam, One instead 
of three bamboo sticks is held on the hand of
the ascetic ; further , they do not wear the sacred
thread and they shave of their heads instead of
keeping the tuft of hair (sikai ).

EmbAr in his salutation to his Achaaryan,
Sri RaamAnujA , admires the shining thridhandam in
his hands. ThridhaNdam also stands for the three kinds
of DhaNDanais (punishments) for transgressing
Saasthra injunctions. The greatness of the thridhaNdam
symbolizing AchArya RaamAnujA as the yathi Raajan
can be enjoyed from the sacred work (Sri Sookthi)
of his sishyar revered as Sri RaamAnuja NoorathAdhi. 

I request other BhakthAs to add more information
on the significance of ThridhaNdam in the context
of the ThridhaNdam replacement /samarpaNam project
and the AzhwAr CD ROM project .Thnaks for all
of your support for these two dreams to come true.
Hope this helps,

 At 05:12 AM 3/24/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>           Can anyone explain me what is ThridhaNdam and its role?
>PB Sridevi Suresh

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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