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Sri Rama Navami NavAha PArAyaNam
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 12:34:54 PST

Dear Bhagavatas:
>From the AmAvAsya day preceding Sri RAma Navami, our elders used to do 
ParAyaNam of the "Sundara KhANDam" of Srimad VAlmiki RAmAyaNam.

The first Sri RAma Navami of the new millennium falls on Wednesday, 12th 
April 2000. The next day Thursday, 13th April 2000 is the start 
(VarushpPirappu) of  the Tamil New year, "Vikrama"

I would suggest Bhagavatas who are inclined to do the PArAyaNam to start it 
on the preceding Saturday, 4th April 2000, the AmAvAsya day and try to 
complete the whole khANDam on 13th April 2000. This "NavAham" (9 nine day 
pArAyaNam) is a yagna by itself and will bless the "yajamAna" with all he / 
she may desire and will be a good augury for the New year "Vikrama" 

Such of those who can read Sanskrit script and have the original may read the 
same. Those who cannot read Sanskrit or do not have the text may read any 
good translation they may have.

Some advise:

1. No Paramaikanthin will ask for any benefits (material or spiritual) in the 
"Sankalpam" but you can always make a "Sankalpam" for universal welfare 
(which includes you and your family and your friends).

2. The first Sargam of Sundara KhAnDam is a bit too long. having 210 SlOkas 
describing the itinerary of Sri AnjanEya on his expedition in search for Sri 
SitAdEvi. He encounters on the way three major impediments and comes out 
successfully through all of them. Elders used to advise that when one starts 
the PArAyaNam of SunDara KhANDam, one should not leave it in the middle of 
the First Sargam detailed above. Please make sure that if you want to start, 
do it only if you are confident of completing the entire first Sargam on the 
first day *in one go*,  without allowing any spill over.. This might take 
about 90 to 100 minutes depending on how fast you can manage to read. They 
have not stipulated such conditions for other Sargams.

3. Daily, you have to first recite the Innovatory verses (Srimad RAmAyaNa 
pArAyaNa upakrama krama SlOkas) and at the end, the Concluding SlOkas (Srimad 
RAmAyaNa pArAyaNa samApana krama SlOkas) following the respective SampradAyam 
you belong to viz. SmArtha sampradAyam, Srivaishnava SampradAyam or MAdva 
SampradAyam as the case may be.

May Sita, LakshmaNa, Bharatha, Satrugna, AanjanEya samEtha Sri Ramachandra 
Parabrahmam be always with us and protect us.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.
Anbil Ramaswamy

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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