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From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 10:55:51 PST

Dear bhAgawatas,

I CANNOT BUT AGREE with this e-mail.  Speaking of
books ... when I returned from India this time I
brought with me three complimentary copies of the
beautiful Kannada book entitled "Ramanuja sookti
muktAvali" written by the famous U. Ve. (Dr.) N. S.
Anantharangachariar of Bangalore.  The book gives in
simple readable Kannada the entire doctrine of
VisishtAdvaita as expounded by Ramanuja.  The
interesting feature of the book (from what I have
read) is that it refers only to Ramanuja's words and
works and none else.  (Others who have read this book
and find otherwise, please correct me.)  So, the book
can verily be considered a sri-sukti of our dearest
Ramanujacharya in Kannada.

The SVSS was involved in the noble cause of raising
funds for this book, and there were several donors in
that effort.  I REQUEST the donors kindly to provide
me their postal address and other details either on
this list or via personal e-mail so that I can go
ahead and ship them a copy each.  I should be able to
ship to addresses within the US (and possibly Canada).

SrImAn U. Ve. Anantharangachariar swAmin was more than
delighted to send copies of his book through me for
the benefit of readers in North America, and in fact
had brought along with him many more than my luggage
bag could fit.

May the effort to print books on our philosophy take
on greater momentum because if we lose books, we will
have nothing more than anecdotes and blank faces to
offer to our next generation.

|| rAmAnujArya divyAj~Na vardhatAm abhivardhatAm ||

-- aDiyEn, muraLi kaDAmbi

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