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Reg. ParishechaNa Mantra

From: Madhabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 22:54:27 PST

Dear Shree Vaishnavas,

With reference to the mails regarding Parishechana and its practice
before taking food, I would like to say something related to it.

Shree Vaishnavas chant selected names of the Lord during performance
of each activity/duty. After parishechana, Shree VAishnavas say
"Govindaaya Namaha" and take food.

While getting up from bed in the morning, we say "Hari:" seven times.

When we place our feet on ground to walk, we say "Khshithidharaya Namaha"

When we walk, we say "Trivikramaaya Namaha"

When we go to sleep, we say "Maadhavaya Namaha"

When we donate money/food we say "Kesavaya Namaha"

When we hear/speak regarding blessing/aspecious things, we say "Naarayana"

When going to forest/dangerous places, we say "Nrusimha"

When we go to take bath, we say "Pundarikhaaksha"

To get relieved from the sins/faults/mistakes that we do while doing
our duty, we say "Krishna"

These are few practices to mention. In short, the Bhagavan Nama is
greater than the Bhagavan himself. Tradition holds that Drowpadi
was saved because of the Govinda nama (she told "Govinda" when she
was insulted in the court hall of Dritharaashtra by Dushaasana) and
not because of Govinda - The Govinda nama itself helped her to
get her sari and thus saved her prestige because it brought Govinda
to help her.

Rama, Krishna & Hari are the three most important names of the Lord
which are the Taaraka mantras. Let us chant His name and be happy.
Bhagavan nama purifies the mind and the body.


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