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Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 22:38:01 PST

Dear  Chandrasekaran and other srivaishnava perunthagaiyer,

In continuation  now we will see chandhokyopanishad.
Please refer Part 5- 19th part- page 674 and 675 of Sri Uththamoor Veera
raaghavaachaaryaswami's book on upanishads -thathriya, chandhokya etc.

Thath yadh Bhakthan prathamamaagachchEth thadhDhomeeyam! 
Sa yaam prathamaam aahuthim juhuyaath praaNaaya svaahEthi! 
PraaNE thrupyathi chakshus thrupyathi!
Chakshushi thrupyathyaath aadhithyas thrupyathi!
AadhithyE thrupyathi dhyous thrupyathi!
Dhivi thrupyanthyaam yath kincha dhousva aadhithyaschaath adhithishtatha:
thath thrupyathi!
Thasya anuthrupthim thrupyathi prajaya pasuBhir annaadhyEna thEjasaa

Meaning: One person while eating, makes the first offer of annam, and that
first offer of annam becomes the oblatory instrument. That satisfies the
praaNa. So the eating has to be done as a homam. When he does that at first
praaNa gets satisfied. In the satisfaction of praaNa the eyes gets
satisfied. When eyes gets satisfied the Sun gets satisfied. When sun is
satisfied the heavens are satisfied. When heaven is satisfied all those in
heaven gets satisfied. When all get satisfied like this the people and the
cows etc get the tejas (halo?) and the power of brahma.

May be in short the offer of food has to be as homam.

Atha yaam dhvitheeyaam juhuyaath thaam juhuyaath vyaanaaya svaahEthi!
Vyaanas thrupyathi!
vyaanE thrupyathi chandhramaathrupyathi!
Chandhramasi thrupyathi dhisasthrupyanthi!
dhikshu thrupyantheeshu yathkincha dhisas chandhramas chaadhithishtanthi
thath thrupyathi!
Thasyaanuthrupthim thrupyathi prajaya pasuBhirannaadhyEna thEjasaa

Atha yaam thrutheeyaam juhuyaath thaam juhuyaath apaanaaya svaahEthi!
apaanE thrupyathi vaakthrupyathi!
vachi thrupyanthyaam agnisthrupyathi!
agnou thrupyathi pruthivee thrupyathi!
Pruthivyaam thrupyanthyaam yath kincha pruthivee chaagnischaadhithishtatha:
thath thrupyathi!
Thasyaanuthrupthim thrupyathi prajaya pasuBhirannaadhyEna thEjasaa

Atha yaam chathurtheem juhuyaath thaam juhuyaath samaanaaya svaahEthi!
samaanE thrupyathi manasthrupyathi!
manasi thrupyathi parjanyasthrupyathi!
parjanyE thrupyathi vidhyuth thrupyathi!
Vidhyuthi thrupyanthyaam yath kincha vidhyuchcha parjanyaadhithishtatha:
thath thrupyathi!
Thasyaanuthrupthim thrupyathi prajaya pasuBhirannaadhyEna thEjasaa

Atha yaam panchmee juhuyaath thaam juhuyaath udhaanaaya svaahEthi!
udhaanE thrupyathi vaayusthrupyathi!
vaayou thrupyathi aakaasasthrupyathi!
AakaasE thrupyathi yath kincha vaayuschaakaasaschaadhithishtatha: thath
Thasyaanuthrupthim thrupyathi prajaya pasuBhirannaadhyEna thEjasaa

Similarly the meanings for others
Vyaana- the hearing power. The moon, the dhik (directions north south east
west)- the earth.
Samaana- manas- the mind- parjanya- the rain- vidhyuth- the lightning
Udhaana- vaayu- air- aakaasam- space.

Thus the food offered to the body the whole panchaboothaas get satisfied. So
the eating is also a sacrifice and we get tejas and brahmaa's power, by
eating in the proper way.

Please read the following- annEna praaNa:, praaNir balam, balEna thapas,
thapasa: sradhdha, sradhdhayaa mEdha,  medhayaa maneesha, maneeshayaa manO,
manasaa saanthi: saanthayaa chiththam, chiththEna smruthi, smruthyaa
smaaram, smaarENa vignaanam vignaanEth aathmaanam vEdhayathi! Thasmaath
annam dhadhan sarvaaNyE thaani dhadhaathi!!
NaaraayanOpanishath- Slokam 144 page 195 of same book. 
Perhaps one can understand the easyness and effectiveness of the anna

Of course the parishEchanam question lead to the annadhaanam. 

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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