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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 18:17:20 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Few dys ago adiyEn invited your
attention to the plans for the two future
Kaimkaryams as sequel to (1)the MudaliyANDaan
SamarpaNam at Bhagavath RaamAnujA Sannidhi
at MelukOte and (2)the release of the first
CD ROM (Life and Works of Sri RaamAnujA)
in the series of planned CD ROMs .

These two future Kaimkaryams are :
(1) Silver ThridhaNdam samarpaNam 
for the Uthsavar at Sri RaamAnujar
Sannidhi , SriperumbhUdhUr and
(2) The design and release of a new
CD ROM on the Life and works of 
the 12 Sri Vaishnavite AchAryAs and the 
108 dhivya dEsams that they sung about .

AdiyEn will cover most of the expenses 
for the Silver ThridhaNDam samarpanam for
AchArya RaamAnujA at Sri perumbhUdhUr.
You are ofcourse welcome to join in .

Your significant support would however be 
needed to raise the funds (5K$)for the CD ROM on
the lives and prabhandhams of 12 AzhwArs
and the 108 dhivya dEsams , where they 
performed MangaLAsAsanams . 

The conceptualization and execution
of the story board is making progress .
We anticipate 6 months of effort to
complete this work with BhagavAn's 
anugraham . 

Please come and join in this Kaimkaryam
to create the CD ROMs on the Lives and 
SaraNAgathi anubhavam of the AzhwArs .
We will try to contain the expenses within 
5K$ for the whole project . The supporters of
this project will receive a special momento
from Swamy NammAzhwAr Sannidhi at ThirukkuruhUr
and a copy of the completed CD ROM .

If 50 bhakthAs can support by $100 each ,
we could quickly race towards the required
amount of $5K .If some bhakthAs wish to 
contribute more, they are most welcome to do
so to accelerate the progress. Please contribute
whatever you can and join in this kaimkaryam
to enjoy the Paavana charithram of the AzhwArs
and virtual journey to the 108 dhivya desams
celebrated by them thru their 4000 divine

With prayers to the Dhivya dampathis
for their blessings to complete this kaimkaryam
with your help,

P.S : all the BhakthAs , who supported the Navarathna
" SatAri " (MudaliyANDAn ) kaimkaryam at Udayavar
sannidhi will be receiving the prasAdhams 
(ManthrAkshadhis and Kumkuma PrasAdham 
from the differnet Sannidhis) this week . 
Regret the delay in sending them to you 
die to pressure of work.

Excerpts from the earlier posting :

> The two kaimakryams that would need your
>utmost help and support now( are :
>(1) the ThridhaNda Kaimakryam ($500 estimate)
>for our YathirAjAr for His (Thaam Uhantha) ThirumEni 
>at Sri PerumbhUdhUr and (2) The creation of the CD ROM(S) 
>on the Life and Prabhandhams of the 12 AzhwArs with 
>a lot of content on the 108 Dhivya Desams , where they performed
>MangaLAsAsanams ($5-10K$ estimate). >

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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