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Re: reg shastiabdha poorthi of my father

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 17:49:57 PST

Dear Sri Rangarajan :

You probably are referring to 
ThirukkadavUr Temple near Mayavaram
(MyailaaduthuRai) .

This temple is famous for Lord ShivA 
for protecting the Young MarkandEyA 
from akaala mruthyu according to
sthala PurANam .This temple is famous 
as a site for performing Mruthunjaya 
Home , when there is concern for
one's life or for prolonging of 
one's life (to conquer Mruthyu).
The consort of the Lord ShivA here is AbhirAmi Devi , 
who is dear to Sakthi worshippers .
AbhirAmi Bhattar composed AbhirAmi
AnthAdhi here.

Strict Sri VaishNavAs will not elect to perform
their Shasti Abdha Poorthi at ThirukkadavUr.
Please do not misunderstand me on this 
observation . I am citing the traditional
practises of Sri VaishNavAs .

A KshEthram linked tightly with Sage MarkaNDEyA,
Oppiliappan Koil , is a popular place for 
many prArthanAs including Shasti abdha poorthi.  
Bhumi Devi incarnated here as the foster
daughter of Sage MarkaNDEyA at this KshEthrma
according to sthala PurANam . Other temple
associated with Sage MaarkaNDEyA is NacchiyAr Koil.

Tradionalists celebrate this 60th birthday 
with Veda PaarAyaNam ,Srimath RaamayaNa PaarAyaNam 
at their houses and conclude the celebrations 
with Udaka Saanthi and ceremonial pouring of
the consecrated water on their heads 
for long life and continued service
to the dhivya Dampathis.That sacred water is 
sprinkled by the observer on their children
realtives and friends after their abhishEkam .

SathAbhishEkam is the name for the celebration
of the completion of the 80 years .Satham normally
means 100 . SathAbhishEkam stands for 
the completion of 80 years, when one is 
supposed to have seen 1,000 PourNamis
(Full Moons ) .An year has an average of 12.5 moons 
and 80 times 12.5 gives us the number of 1,000 . 

For my father's sathAbhishEkam , I returned
to my village ( Oppiliappan Koil );
four Vedams were recited in our house for
four to five days, Srimath RaamAyaNam
was read in its entirety , maryAdhais 
(Maalai ) were received from the temples,
ManthrAkshathai was received from 
Ahobila matam Jeeyar (AchAryan ) and
the ceremonies concluded with MahA abhishEkam
in the consecrated water . A grand tadhiyArAdhanam
was performed at the conclusion of the celebration. 
Annual Thirumanjanam for ThiruviNnagarappan was established 
on that day as a vow to be carried out by future generations 
on the day after the Lord's ThirukkalyANam in Iypaasi .

The Veda PrAyam is 100 and these days unlike
Among VaishNavite AchAryAs of India ,
the great ones like Naatha Muni, AlavandhAr ,
RaamAnujA , KurEsar, Swamy Desikan , PiLlai
Lokaachaar lived well past the Vedic sanctioned
age of one hundred due to their AchAram and
anushtAnam . 

In our MaadhyAhnika SandhyA vandhanam ,
we pray for this Veda prAyam of One hundred
years daily .


    At 01:16 PM 3/21/00 -0800, you wrote:
>namaskaram to all the bhakti list members
>I would like to perform the shastiabdha poorthi of my father. 
>I initially wanted to perform it at home  but i heard from a friend and
>also some other people that performing in thirukadugavur temple is very
>(please forgive me if i did not spell the name of the temple correctly)
>so, i just wanted to see if any members have performed this fucntion in
>the temple and what do i have to do so that i can make arrangements at
>this temple for my parents.
>I would be extremely grateful for the information provided.
>                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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