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Sri Srinivasa Temple renovation : Perungalathur

From: Diwakar Kannan (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 12:05:38 PST

Dear Chandrasekaran

This temple is located in the outskirts of Chennai, next to Tambaram.
If you take the train towards Chengalpet, it is the next station
after Tambaram.  Most of the buses that go to the Vandalur Zoological
park also stops here.

There are separate sannidhis for Perumal, Thayar, Nrusimhar/
Chakarathazwar Andal, Swami Desikan, Peria thiruvadi & siriya
The present jeer of the Ahobila Mutt has composed a Suprabhatham on
this Srinivasa Perumal in this Poorvasramam.

dayA sataka pArAyaNam is performed on every saturday evenings and
Vishnu Sahasranama pArAyaNam on Sunday mornings.  

There are regular Sattumarais both in the mornings and in the evenings
and "mariyAdai" to swAmi Desikan.  All the Azhwar Thirunakshantrams
are celebrated.  Dhavanothsavam (Masi), Pavithrothsavam (Avani),
Sudharsana Homan (thai) ,Laksharchanai (Purattasi), Panguni uthiram
are other major events.

There are a good number of youth, in the temple vicinity who take part
in all the uthsavams and do lots of kainkaryams with great sincereity
and devotion to their dear perumal, well guided by some elderly
scholars around.


> Dear members,
>    One of the members, Sri Raghu wants to know where the Sri
Srinivasa temple is located in Chennai (Perungalathur). Since I only
saw the ad in the paper and forwarded the same to the list, I don't
really know the details. I request the other members who may be based
in Chennai to respond to Sri Raghu.
>  Thanks.
>  chandrasekaran.

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