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Dear members,
    Here is a posting, Sri M.G.Vasudevan wanted me to forward to the bhakti list.


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Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Ms. Kalyani Krishnamachari has given a good account of this paasuram. I have
taken the liberty of adding few points to that beautiful account.  While
reading these points both paasurams 6 and 7on the "mayilgaaL" are to be taken
into account.

1. When peacocks will spread their wings and start dancing?  The well known
answer is, when they see the clouds appearing in the sky.  Here when aaNdaaL
sings these paasurams, it is panguni maasam and there is no chance for rains
in the month of panguni in south India or srivillipuththoor. 

How it is concluded that the month is panguni. Answer is available in the
beginning of the naachchiyaar thirumozhi - in 1st paasuram she says "thai oru
thingaLum tharai viLakki thaN maNdalamittu maasi munnaaL". Maasi has become
munnaaL- yesterday. So this is panguni month when she sings these paasurams.
How then peacocks spread their wings and dance? Is it because clouds have
appeared or cloud coloured Krishna has appeared in front?  Since He is
"neeradha samaneeya krishnan", may be the second reasoning sounds more
reasonable and accurate. Peacocks are seeing that Lord and dance but aaNdaaL
could not see him. Because aandaaL says "kaaNa paaviyen mudhal ilEn"- I am not
able to see because I am a sinner and also do not have the capital- eyes are
the capital to see- that is not there.  What happened to the eyes? We will see

2. Chances for rains are also bright even in panguni in Srivillipuththoor.
Because in those days, three rains came down every month- "thingaL mum maari
peithu" is what is stated in thiruppaavai 3rd paasuram. So rains also might
have come to make the peacocks dance.

3.  Aandaal has lost sight after seeing him once (in the dreams?).
Subsequently she could not see the Lord. Because she laments nammai vaiththa
parisu idhu kaaNminE- see my plight or his gift to me. Perhaps he has given a
darsanam and after that taken away the sight.  Or is it that he appeared as a
lightning in the cloud. Because he is cloud coloured as naaraayaNan or
krishnan and is lightning as narasimhan - vidhyuth prabhu.  Even in the dream
sequence which aandaaL describes in vaaraNamaayiram he appears as kOLari in
2nd, arimugan in 9th. So he must have appeared as lightning to take away the
power of seeing. That is why she says I am not able to see him. He is "koti
surya prakaasan". So due to that brightness she is now not able to see.

4. Hey peacocks- how are you dancing? The answer is in 6th verse. "KaNNa
piraan thiruk kOlam pOnRu aNi maa nadam payinRu aaduginReer" says aaNdaaL.
Who taught that dance?  "Kudam aadu kooththan gOvindhan kOmirai (gOmiRai?)
seithu ummai nadam aattam kaaNa"- the person who taught the dance, he himself
dances with a pot called and is called gOvindhan.  The god for cows taught-
ummai nadam aattam kaaNa- (nadam or nadanam is dance - nadamaattam is movement
but here we have to take as nadanam only) - he taught and make you dance and
he also enjoys you dancing. 

You are also well trained- aNi maa nadam payinRu aaduginReer- aNi means in
flocks - ma means peria or big or well- you dance beautifully having learnt
well-nadam payinRu aaduginReer- you dance in the same way as krishna- kaNNa
piraan thiruk kolam pOnRu- same as the style of the guru- guru's paaNi- guru's

Oh what an elevation for the peacocks - to that of the level of krishna- super
class dancing- since learnt from himself. 

5. He sees his sishyaas dancing in front of him - "Kudam aadu kooththan
gOvindhan kOmirai seithu ummai nadam aattam kaaNa".  GOvindhan kaaNa- he is
seeing the dance. I am not able to see because I am the sinner says aandaaL. 

Oh peacocks, I fall at your feet - adi veezhginREn- you have this specialty of
having been trained and also dancing in front of him. This one trait is enough
for you- ungalukku idhu onRu pOdhumE- the bhaagyam of having been taught and
the guru enjoying the sishyaas performing the art so nicely. Avanudaiya
aanandhaththirgaagavE kaimkaryam seyyum bhaagyam- doing service to the
lord just for his enjoyment alone- is it not that is what is required for
a daasan.

6. I do not have any such- mudhal iLEn- to be attracted by krishna. Oh
aachaaryas I fall at your feet- nammai vaiththa parisu idhu kaaNminE- please
see my plight- I have no other refuge- adi veezhginRen- I fall at your feet
please recommend me to the lord. Since you are his aNukkar having been taught
by him and he enjoys your dance- please recommend me into that daasa gOshti. 

Now the peacocks become aandaaL's aachaarya- "KaNNa piraan thiruk kOlam pOnRu
aNi maa nadam payinRu aaduginReer" this line is aandaaL's aachaarya prasamsai. 

I know who he is- paNa maadaravaNai paRpala kaalamum paLLi koL maNavaaLar-
that supreme Lord naaraayaNan- ksheerabdhinaathan- so please help me says

So the saranaagathi saastram of realizing I do not have the capacity, there is
no other refuge except the Lord,  aachaarya's need is very much required,
approach through an aachaarya only, aachaarya prasamsai is a must for the
daasan are excellently brought out in these two paasurams- is it not?

Enjoy the paasurams by reading once more.

Daasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: In my previous posting on "aazhi nangaai" of same kaarkOdal pookkaaL group
of paasurams- aazhi nangaai also means maha lakshmi- because she was born in
the paarkadal - milk ocean- when it was churned. So she becomes the daughter
of that samudhra raajan. Since Sri mahalakshmi is the periya piraatti and, it
is natural for the second and new bride aaNdaaL to surrender to the senior.  

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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