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Re: Sources for the pAncarAtra Series.

From: Gopan (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 10:42:09 PST

Dear Sriman Krishnamachari :

Your articles on PaancharAthram are well
researched and  are valuable . It is my experience
that many times , we do not get as much feedback
as one would like to get , when engaging in a serious
effort  such as yours .Please continue to enlighten us
on both the Paancha RaathrA and the VaikAnasa
Aagamams and particularly the points of difference .

The Melukote Sanskrit Academy has done pioneering
work in the study of Aagamaas and you may wish to
get in touch with Sri Lakshmi TatachAr , the Director
of Sanskrit academy .

In a related matter , the Academy is putting together
a critical study of BhAshyams for Upanishads follwing
the Sri SampradhAyam  ( Based on Sri RangarAmAnuja Muni's
Sanskrit text ) .These are distinct and clearly defined projects
that members would like to support and benefit from .

Regarding the Aagamaas , the top study centers
are at Melukote and Kaanchi .Even Bhattars from
Kaanchi come to study PaancharAthra Aagamam
at Melukote . You may wish to get in touch with
the Academy thru Dr.M.A.Alwar ( the elder son
of Dr. Lakshmi TatachAr , the Director of the Melukote
Sanskrit Academy ) for additional sources and critical
Best wishes ,

Narasimhan Krishnamachari wrote:

> SrI Krishna Kalale:
> As you might have noticed, I have titled the write-up
> as a "Review article".  It draws from several sources.
>  I have listed some of the major sources below:
> 1. Vol. 4 of the Agama Series by Kalpataru Research
> Academy, edited by Ramachandra Rao.
> 2. pAdma samhita - with foreward by Sudarsanam SrI
> Krishnaswamy Aiyengar.
> 3. Agama prAmANyam - General Editor A. N. Jani, Edited
> by M. Narasimhachary, 1976.
> 4. 4. SrI pAncarAtra rakshA of SrI vedAnta deSika -
> edited by M. Duraiswamy Aiyengar, with an Introduction
> by G. Srinivasa Murti
> 5. Agama PrAmANyam - Translation by J. A. B. van
> Buitenen
> 6. Agamas and South India Vaishnavism - I have only
> copy of Chapter X from someone, and do not have the
> author's name.  I will find it and share it later.
> I had a big question in my mind on whether to even
> share the info I gathered with the list or keep it to
> myself.  I just felt there may be enough readers in
> the list like me who would want to learn about the
> Agama-s at least a high level, and so I have tried to
> reflect the views expressed by many of the above
> writers without trying to add "my own views", even
> though inadvertently I might have done it. In general
> there has been no reaction from the list so far for
> the four parts I have submitted.  I don not know
> whether this means that the write-up is not adding
> much value, or too complex or something else.
> The request to Sri Krishna Kalale and the others in
> the list is to correct me where I am wrong, so that I
> can learn in the process.  I also would like advice in
> person or in public on whether I should continue the
> series, or whether there are enough differences in
> views that I may not be reflecting the "accepted
> views", and should stop it.  I have started a similar
> effort on the vaikhAnasa Agama, for which
> unfortunately I don't even have as many sources.
> -dAsan kRshNamAcAryan
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