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Panguni Uthram and Andal Thirukalyana Utsavam 2000

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 06:10:16 PST

Dear BhaakthAs :

Sri Haresh Balasubramanian of Singapore is
a devout Sri Vaishnava . His family has been
deeply involved with Kaimakryam for the Lord
at His Singapore Temple for many years . Even
the land on which the temple stands was
acquired by his relatives. 

Sri Haresh is the creator of the beautiful
home pages for Lord Krishna , Swamy Desikan 
and Thirupathi VenkatAchalapathy .It has been
my pleasure to work with him on some of these
projects .

The saanidhyam of the Lord at SrinivAsa 
temple is unmistakable .This is largely due to
the strict code of worship prescribed by the AagamAs .
I had the good fortune of this PerumAL's sevai
during my recent visit to Singapore .

Please include a visit to this temple 
during your future visits to Singapore ,
which is fortunate to have devout BhakthAs 
of our SampradhAyam .


P.S : PerumAL's KalyANam ( Panguni Utthiram celebration) 
would be celebrated at Sri RanganathA Temple at Pomona 
on march 19 in a grand scale.Please plan to attend .

Attachment: Note from Sri Haresh Balasubramanian:

>Dearest Bhagavthals,
>In conjuction with Panguni Uthram(20th MArch 2000),Srinivasa 
>Perumal Temple in Singapore will celebrate the Andal Thirukalyana 
>Utsavam.The event is held on the temple premises itself in front of 
>the main sannidhi of Lord Srinivasa.This practice has been in 
>vogue for some 30 years now and was introduced by Alankara 
>Bhattar of Sri Villiputtur and the late Smt Pakkriammal Govindasamy
>the wife of late Sriman P.Govindasamy Pillai, whose life's legacy 
>stands in the form of the temple's Rajagopuram(consecrated in 1979)
>and Kalyana Mandapam.
>Preliminaries of the Andal Thirukalyanam will begin with the procession 
>of the marriage party at approximately 5.45 - 6.00 P.M .consisting of 
>sumagalis and elders carrying the "varisais" to Andal Sannidhi
>and Perumal Sannidhi where the archakas will arrange for the evening's 
>After the reception of the ubayakaarars and sankalpam , the actual
>process of the marriage cermony will begin.Andal and Srinivasa Swami
>will be carried on planquins
>borne on the shoulders of bhagavthals and temple volunteers.All the
>necessary mariyathais for the bride and groom will be carried out.There
>will also be chanting of varanamayiram by the archakas.After the
>marraige rituals are over there will be a purappadu in a decorated
>palanquin round the temple usually concluding with an unjal seva.The
>event will last a full 3 hours or so and will end by 9.30 P.M.
>For some 20 odd years this event has been hosted by adiyen's Periyappa
>Sriman PGP Ramakrishnan who is away on business matters this year.At my
>uncle's request and Srinivasa Swami's blessings adiyen has been
>nominated to represent the family in the conducting of the utsavam.As
>such adiyen will like to share this bhagyam with the Sri 
>Vaishnava Community and humbly invite all of you to grace this event
>with your kind presence.This is one of the rare occasions where devotees
>will see Swami and Andal in procession and will be definitely a treat
>spiritually and visually.Many Thanksfpor taking time to read this note.
>With Warmest Reagards,
>Haresh Balasubramaniam
>Attachment Converted: C:\EUDORA\kalyanam.jpg

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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