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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 05:58:07 PST

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 10:20:23   eGroups Digest wrote:
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>Sir, Adiyen has not read many of TTD's publications.
>Tell me, does TTD generally publish "notorious
>stuff"?! Any other glaring examples you know that you
>want to share with us all?

Thiruvengada Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Dear Sri Sampathkumaran swami,


TTD does generally publish notorious stuff and rarely publishes vaishnvaite stuff. To explain this is beyond the scope of the ongoing discussion. I somehow feel that discussing much about Srinivasa's thirumeni is not good for the
growth of a forum like this, in which "Srinivasa parabrhmane namah" is nowadays absent, though none of us intend any apacharam to Him. however, i am prepared for a discussion even for several years.
>> anyone knowing sanskrit can interpret vaikhanasa in
>> his own way. from the info provided by Sri sampath
>> swami, the author does not appear to be a
>> vaikhanasa. also one need not have read vaikhanasam
>> to refute what the author has written.
>Adiyen does not know the author so I can't say if he
>is a VaikhAnasa or not. Sir, but adiyen is quite happy
>to accept the author as long as what he writes is
>credible, reasonable and responsible.  
>> Lord of thiruvengadam was having sankha and chakra
>> in His archa form at one point of time which He gave
>> away to His father-in-law's younger brother i.e.
>> king Thondaman or Sankharaja ("Sankharajhasya
>> thushtidah" says His sahsram) to save Him for
>> enemies. later it is bhagavadbhashyakarar Who did
>> samasryanam to Him. > at that time Sridevi was not
>visible on His chest.> It is ramanujar who installed
>Her golden archa> on His chest. Thus he is His
>guru-cum-father-in-law> ("Sri venkataachaladhisa
>sankha chakra pradaayakah> sri srinivaasassvasurah
>sriramaa sakha desikah"> says andhra poornar in
>ashottaram of udayavar.)
>Sir, according to aagamA experts, the Lord's idol
>always had "lakshmi" on its "vakshasthala". In fact 
>the most unique and beautiful feature of the idol is
>that thAyyAr's figure is INTEGRAL to it. The aagma
>experts confirm that there are no visible or
>structural signs on the idol to show that "thAyyAr"
>figure on it was at any time "affixed" or "fused" or
>re-affixed or re-fused on to it.  

Very good information. i was really not sure about it. very happy to know that. 

why did you not ask the same "Agama experts" whom you are now quoting  whether any feture of His thirumeni is violative of Agamas?  

BHAGAVAD RAMANUJA DID INSTALL THAYAR'S GOLDEN ARCHA on His chest. thAyAr might also be existing as an integral part of his body, which those with ulterior motives might not recognise. 
golden archa of thAyAr is taken down on Friday Thirumanjanam. during this temporary vislesham, nAchhiyAr thirumozhi pAsurams are recited. this is an age-old tradition. 

Sir, the Agama experts some of Whom allso might have enjoyed the sparSA sukham of BhagavAn 
>Sir, adiyen is not at all clear why you must come to
>the conclusion that if the idol is not exactly as per
>the "agamA" it must therefore be "a-vaishnavite".
>Perhaps you can explain the non-sequitor a little more
>clearly, if you don't mind. Thanks.

if it does not comply with atleast one of our Agamas, how can it be Vaishnavite? 
i believe Agama experts strong in anushtAnam can always judge which idol comes under which category. when they accept an idol to be svayambhU, they do it as per the yardsticks laid down in their Agamas to decide which idol is what. For Srivaishnavas, Agamas are the only basis for temple worship.

OK, let me put it in the other way. yourself have told me now that She is an integral part of His thiruemni.

2. you have  quoted sombody saying in his book 
that Vishnu has to have 5 weapons in a vaikhanasa temple.

adiyen has refuted it saying that many vaikhanasa temples do not have Him with all five weapons. I have also written that thiruvengadamudiayan was having Sankha chakras initially in His archa form. 

3. u have quoted the author as saying that Vishnu has to be shAdgunya ParipUrNan,a coording to Vaikhansam. none of us has any doubts about His having all six gunas to infinite potentials. many puranas praise
thiruvengadamudaiyan as Parabrahman.  this means He has all  six qualities i.e. ananta jnanam etc.

my question

1. can you please tell me a single feature of His thirumeni which is violative of Vaikhnasam?


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