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SaraNAgathi Navaaham : Epilogue on the eve of Vaira Mudi Sevai for ThirunArAyaNan at MelukOte ( March 16,2000).

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 07:24:54 PST

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs : In this final posting of this series , 
adiyEn would like to (A)sum up the wonderful experiences 
of the life time journey to South India (B) rededicate 
myself to the Bhagavath-Bhaagavatha Kaimakryams ahead 
in the new millenium and (C) place the fruits of those 
Kaimkaryams at the sacred feet of the Dhivya dampathis , 
who have energized me sofar to complete these tasks 
with the help of their dear devotees (Yourselves). 
My prayer at this time is :" MahAnthO anugruhNanthu" 
for continuation of these various kaimkaryams 
that many of you have whole heartedly supported 
in the past .


(1)This visit started at the Sannidhis of GitAchAryan 
at ThiruvallikkENi(a.m) and Sri OppilA-appan of 
ThiruviNNagar(p.m) on a Thai AmAvaasyai and 
SravaNam day ( Feb 5 ) and concluded on Feb 13 
back at Chennai.

(2) The highlights are the visits to the dhivya desams
of Thirukkudanthai , VeNNARRankarai , Srirangam ,
Kaanchipuram,SriperumbhUthUr and ThirunArAyanapuram 
following the footsteps of AchArya RaamAnujA . 

(3) The Bhara samarpaNam at HH Azhagiya Singar's sacred
feet is the highest of the highlights at a personal level .

(4) The SamarpaNam of the MudaliyANDan at AchArya
RaamAnujA sannidhi at ThirunArAyaNapuram is the highest
Kaimkaryam on behalf of the Bhakthi and MalOlan 
group members.

(5) Many other blessings of intractions with YathIsvarALs 
like HH Poundarikapuram AchAryan , scholars like 
Dr.M.A.Lakshmi TatachAr of the Academy of Sanskrit Research
at Melkote , Dr. M. Venkaatakrishnan , editor of GeethAcharyan
also came my way . 

B. " NiraparAdhEshu kainkaryEshu nithyam niunkshva maam "

>From here on the prayer is for the boon of 
engagement in blemishless kaimakaryam to adiyEn's
AchAryan , fellow BhaagavathAs and the Dhivya dampathis .
Additional prayer is to remove any ahankAra , mamakAra 
dhOshams during the course of these kaimkaryams and 
the strength of mind to place the fruits of these 
Kaimkaryams at the sacred feet of the dhivya dampathis.
The many interactions with BhakthAs and AchAryaLs in 
India have led to the identification of the following
kaimkaryams for the short and long haul .AdiyEn invites
Your whole-hearted particpation and support in these
kaimkaryams . AdiyEn will also summarize the status
of the Kaimkaryams now :

(1) Silver Vattil SamarpaNam to ThirunArAyaNan at MelukOte :
The construction of the two AarAdhana Paathrams for the daily
ThiruvArAdhanam at Moolavar Sannidhi is underway at Chennai.
Sri KrishNa Bhattar of ThirunArAyaNapuram will supervise
the completion of the construction of the Vattil by
AbhirAmi Jewelers of Chennai , who helped with 
the RathnAngi kaimakryam for Sri Oppiliappan .
He will stay at Chennai for a day or two after 
the conclusion of tomorrow's Vaira Mudi Sevai at MelukOte.

All the expenses for this Kaimakryam are covered 
by adiyEn as a fitting memorial to my revered parents ,
who opened my eyes to such kaimkaryams .

(2) ThridhaNdam for Udyavar Uthsava Moorthy at SriperumbhUdhUr:
It has been mentioned before that the Thiruvadi and ThridhaNdam
of AchArya RaamAnujaa is MudaliyANDaan and His pavithram
is KurEsar. While worshipping at AchArya RaamAnujA's 
sannidhi at SriperumbhUdhUr , the Sannidhi archakar pointed out
that the current silver thridhaNdam adorning the hands
of the uthsavar needs replacement . AdiyEn has accepted
his request as a niyamanam from AchArya RaamAnujA .This
kaimkaryam should start soon . Dimensions of the ThridhaNdam
are being awaited . At this point ,it is not clear that
navarathnams symbolizing the nava Sri Sookthis of
AchArya RaamAnujA (Please refer to the picture of 
the nine gems representing the nava sookthis in
the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM ) needs to be inlaid 
on the flag .We should know soon . AdiyEn will share 
the information received on the cost for this kaimakryam 
as soon as word is received from SriperumbhUdhUr.

(3) Recently , there has been expressions of interest
to know more about Sri VaishNava Aagamams , ThiruvArAdhanam ,
AaasIrvAdha manthrams , ParishEcanam , SandhyA Vandhanama
and a host of other sampradhAyic matters .Steps are being
taken to come out with an Internet portal on
SampradhAyic matters largely for the benefit of
the Overseas Indians of Vaidhika Mathams in cooperation 
with our AchAryAs ,the scholars of the Sanskrit Academy 
and elsewhere . AdiyEn will keep you posted as we make 
progress on this project .

(4) One or More Multimedia CD ROMs on the Lifes of AzhwArs:
Discussions with scholars in India indicated the need
to come up with a sequel to the recently released CD ROM 
on the Life and works of AchArya RaamAnujA , which has 
now been released by the International RaamAnujA Society 
in the Vadakalai and TenAcchArya SampradhAya Versions.

This new initiative will focus on " THE LIFE AND WORKS 
OF THE TWELVE AZHWAARS" , Who performed MangaLAsAsanam
to the dhivya Dampathis at the 108 Dhivya Desams .This 
is a major effort in the spirit of serving the Ubhaya
VedAntha tradition of ours. Life histories of the AzhwArs,
videos and audio clips of the life and works of 
AzhwArs and the dhivya desams will be the subject matter .
We will need precious content from many of you to
augment the resources that we already have .

Every one , who wishes to participate in this kaimkaryam
will receive a copy of the CD ROM(s) , when the project is
completed . The estimated time for completion is 
3 to 6 months . The extensive content may require two CD ROMs .
The estimated expenses are $5K /CD ROM . Contributions of $100
each from 100 BhaagavathAs or whatever they wish to offer
would help us complete this project . We will condense 
the content in to one CD ROM , if the target of 10K$ is
too large to realize.We will also approach Thiruppathi
DevasrthAnam for help . In that case , we would need 
only $100 each from 50 BhakthAs .

The conceptualization and the work on the story book 
has already been started in co-operation 
with Dr.M.A.Alwaar , who was the partner
in the AchArya RaamAnujA project. Please let me know
of your interests to reach out to the younger generation
through this project to provide educational
material on the incomparable Bhakthi anubhavam of
our AzhwArs and their performance of SaraNAgathi 
at the lotus feet of the Dhivya Dampathis.

(5) Changes in SaraNAgathi Journal :
Discussions with AchAryAls and Scholars gave us
positive feedbacks on the SaraNAgathi Electronic Journal
started on a PurattAsi SravaNam day (Swami Desikan's birthday).
Suggestions have been made to make some needed changes to
increase the frequency of its publication and broadening
of its content . AdiyEn will keep you posted on the changes
that will be made soon .The original announcement on
the plans for the publication of this journal,
the team of volunteers are summarized in Bhakthi archives
(Oct 12 ,1997) posting of mine. 


In summary , thanks to you ALL for your feedbacks on
the postings . The two kaimakryams that would need your
utmost help and support now( are :
(1) the ThridhaNda Kaimakryam ($500 estimate)
for our YathirAjAr for His (Thaam Uhantha) ThirumEni 
at Sri PerumbhUdhUr and (2) The creation of the CD ROM(S) 
on the Life and Prabhandhams of the 12 AzhwArs with 
a lot of content on the 108 Dhivya Desams , where they performed
MangaLAsAsanams ($5-10K$ estimate).

With prayers for the growth of Kaimkarya Sri
of this illustrious group ,
AdiyEn , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 



                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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