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Re: parisEshaNa mantram

From: vchandra (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 06:57:26 PST

Dear members,
   I actually wanted to know the meaning of the "svAhA:" mantrams as to what each means. The first one "prANAya svAhA:" means we offer the food first to our life-sustaining breath (prANa maya kOsham) and finally by saying "brahmaNe svAhA:" we offer the food to the Ultimate brahman, our inner self. I would like to know the meanings of the other four mantrams, if someone can provide.

   As Sri Anbil has pointed out, I am one of those youngsters who is facing the dilemma of abidance to one's customs and at the same time having to sustain one's course of life which is non-brAhmaNic. It's a sad course indeed. I have some times, as Sri Anbil prescribed regretted for this and craved to have taken a vEda brAhmaNa's life which is devoid of anxieties and irregularities. But that was too late, when I woke up. I sincerely go by Sri Anbil's words here.

   Looking forward to your kind response to my above request for the meanings.


> Sri Anbil wrote:
> In fact, we seem to specialize in doing what should not be 
> done "akritya 
> karaNam" and abandoning what should be done "kritya akaraNam" 
> not only in the 
> matter of eating but also in all our activities whether we are in the 
> PuNyabhoomi of BhAratha Varsha or in the BhOgabhoomi like 
> USA.and in an alien 
> environment.
> This raises more questions than answers. 
> But, why do we do precisely what has been prohibited?  
> It is because we have given up our duties prescribed 
> (Including this one, let 
> alone doing our nitya and naimittika anushtAnams). No wonder, 
> we have become 
> the butt-end of such remarks.
> Why have we given up? 
> It is because our elders instructed us on "what" and "how" 
> they had not cared 
> to explain the "Why" of it all. We also never cared to 
> question either out of 
> apathy or fear. And, we remained non-starters throughout. 
> When we ourselves do not know, how can we guide youngsters?

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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