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Re. AasIrvAdams

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 14:37:21 PST

Dear BhaghavatOttamAs:

It was quite sometime ago that Prof. Vasudha Narayanan wanted to know about 
aashIrvAdams in our sampradAyam.  AdiyEn knows a little bit of the mantrAs 
used on different occassions but not quite well their meanings.  I will make 
an attempt to write them with a hope that other members would find it 
appropriate to add/comment on them.

Benedictions and AashiIrvAdams or blessings almost mark the beginning and 
conclusions of any Vaideeka karmA that we all undertake during the course of 
our life.  This has to be viewed under the backdrop of our larger social 
setting.  Our elders often tell us to keep uttering good things.  As a child 
the use of words like 'AyO' etc., was almost forbidden.  Such was the 
earnestness on the part of our elders(/society) to maintain 'mangalakaram' 
in our homes at all times.

The first mantrA which I am quoting below is the one that is used as an 
invocation in all auspicious functions.  For eg.: When adiyEn performed the 
upanayanam of my son at Srirangam, this mantrA when uttered by 40+ Sri 
Vaishnava priests reverberating like a thunder penetrated the hearts of 
those present and possibly drove away all negatives from that place.  One 
can really feel it.  It set a perfect tone, a perfect atmosphere for things 
to follow.  The mantrA is:

dhruvam tE rAjA varunO, dhruvam dEvO bruhaspatihi
dhruvam ta indraschAgnishcha, rAshtram dhArayatAm dhruvam.

dhruvam here implies 'long live' or 'pallaAndu'.  Thus, one can make out the 
meaning of this verse.

Buffalo, NY

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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