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Re: bhakti-list digest

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 02:00:50 PST

--- Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri <>

> It is good that Sriman Sampathkumaran swami has
> exposed us to one of the books publishd by TTD,
> notorious for publishing such stuff.

Sir, Adiyen has not read many of TTD's publications.
Tell me, does TTD generally publish "notorious
stuff"?! Any other glaring examples you know that you
want to share with us all? 

> anyone knowing sanskrit can interpret vaikhanasa in
> his own way. from the info provided by Sri sampath
> swami, the author does not appear to be a
> vaikhanasa. also one need not have read vaikhanasam
> to refute what the author has written.

Adiyen does not know the author so I can't say if he
is a VaikhAnasa or not. Sir, but adiyen is quite happy
to accept the author as long as what he writes is
credible, reasonable and responsible.  

> Lord of thiruvengadam was having sankha and chakra
> in His archa form at one point of time which He gave
> away to His father-in-law's younger brother i.e.
> king Thondaman or Sankharaja ("Sankharajhasya
> thushtidah" says His sahsram) to save Him for
> enemies. later it is bhagavadbhashyakarar Who did
> samasryanam to Him. > at that time Sridevi was not
visible on His chest.> It is ramanujar who installed
Her golden archa> on His chest. Thus he is His
guru-cum-father-in-law> ("Sri venkataachaladhisa
sankha chakra pradaayakah> sri srinivaasassvasurah
sriramaa sakha desikah"> says andhra poornar in
ashottaram of udayavar.)

Sir, according to aagamA experts, the Lord's idol
always had "lakshmi" on its "vakshasthala". In fact 
the most unique and beautiful feature of the idol is
that thAyyAr's figure is INTEGRAL to it. The aagma
experts confirm that there are no visible or
structural signs on the idol to show that "thAyyAr"
figure on it was at any time "affixed" or "fused" or
re-affixed or re-fused on to it.  

> HOwever, i repeat that there was nothing
> avaishnavite about His divine features.

Sir, adiyen is not at all clear why you must come to
the conclusion that if the idol is not exactly as per
the "agamA" it must therefore be "a-vaishnavite".
Perhaps you can explain the non-sequitor a little more
clearly, if you don't mind. Thanks.

> we will try to cover a rough translation to the
> vyakhyanam of ramanuja for the relevant mantra
> in a separate posting. this is also supported by a
> purana sloka in QUITE SIMILAR WORDING.

Great! Looking forward to your valuable inputs to the
ongoing discussions which are indeed becoming more and
more interesting!


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