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Reflections on the Ninth Day of the Trp: Academy of Sanskrit Research and the traditions of Sanskrit Scholarship at MelukOte:IV.3

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 18:17:01 PST

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

As a center of Ubhaya VedAntham , MelukOte  has
a hoary tradition in Sanskrit studies and Research. 
AchArya RaamAnujA's stay of twelve years strengthened 
this Ubhaya Vedantha tradition in general and Sanskrit
Scholarship in particular. In this posting , we shall
highlight Sanskrit scholarship activities at MelukOte .

MelukOte's eminence as a Sanskrit scholarship center

MeluKOte compares very well in stature with ancient
seats of Sanskrit scholarship like Srirangam , Thiruppathi ,
Kaashi , Ujjain and KashmIr . This KshEthram is indeed
a JnA~na mantapam for Sanskrit scholarship. Many great
VidvAns have made invaluable contributions to protect 
our sampradhAyam through Critical studies. AdiyEn agrees
with Sriman Krishna Kalale that it is our duty to protect
these Kuladhanams by supporting the efforts of the assembly 
of Scholars striving to mainitain the vitality of this tradition .
Any one in our group working for Major Computer Companies 
with business growth plans in India ( Microsoft, HP,
IBM ,Siemens et al ) can help the ongoing resaerch programs of 
the Academy of Sanskrit Research headed by a great 
Scholar , Sri Lakshmi TatAchAr Swamy. We can approach
these companies as employees to contribute funds, equipment 
to ongoing research in Computational Linguistics ,
Natural Language processing and number of other related areas .
We can also help directly .AdiyEN plans to approach 
IBM Research Lab in New Delhi to link up with the Academy
as a retired IBM Research Executive .Please do the needful 
to approach the General managers of your companies in India,
who are intrested to expand their business programs . Thanks.

Samplings of Great Sanskrit Scholars over the ages at MelukOte:
Sri AnandALvAn of Pushpa kaimkaryam fame at Thirumalai
( 1054-1154 A.D) was awarded 18 villages as sarvamAnyam
by the HoysaLaa King , VishNuvardhanaa in recognition of 
His Sanskrit Scholarship .He hails from KiranganUr , 
a village near SrirangapattiNam , not too far from MelukOte.
The 52 scholars appointed by AchArya RaamAnujA to the Melukote 
temple kaimkaryam were also outstanding scholars of Sanskrit.

The First and the second Jeeyars of AhObila Matam hail from
ThirunArAyanapuram and have contributed immensely to 
the core literature of Sri VaishNavam through their
rakshaNam of the works of AchArya RaamAnujA . The second Jeeyar 
(Sriman NaarAyaNa Yathindhra MahA Desikan ) has blessed us
with 60 siddhAntha granthams . 

An Illustrious family in service to Sanskrit scholarship
During the 17th century onwards, the WodeyAr kings of
Mysore have nurtured many great Sanskrit scholars at MelukOte. 
Great sholarship existed and continues to exist in 
Sri VaishNava Aagamams at MelukOte . Many of the Sanskrit 
scholars of the 19th Century descend from the heritage of
Panditha Rathnam  KuppaNNaiyengaar Swamy ( 1840-1920) ,
the founder of the Sanskrit College of MelukOte. 

One of his important disciple is Tarkatheertha MahA VidvAn
Lakshmi TaatAchArya Swamy ( 1874-1926 A.D).Latter was
the principal of the MelukOte Sanskrit College for
many years . PanditharAjA AlvAr Thirumalai Iyengar 
Swamy ( 1906-1973) was the son of MahA VidvAn 
Lakshmi TatAchAr Swamy and served also as the principal
of the Sanskrit College like his renowned father. 
Professor M.A. Lakshmi TatAchAr Swamy ( b:1938) is
the son of PanditharAjA AlvAr Thirumalai Iyengar 
and is the great scholar in NyAyA and VedAnthA. 
He followed the family tradition of serving as
the Principal of the MelukOte Sanskrit college
with distinction . He has the further distinction of 
being the sishyar Of the late KaarpankAdu VenkatAchAr 
Swamy .

Today , Porfessor M.A.Lakshmi  TatachAr Swamy , my 
respected host during the stay at MelukOte is 
directing the research programs of the renowned
Academy of Research in Sanskrit from 1976. Critical
editions of AchArya RaamAnujA's granthams , PoorvAchArya's 
commentaries on Upanishads and other rare sanskrit 
works are being released by the Academy under his direction.
Professor Lakshmi TatachAr is assisted in this 
far reaching work by great contemproary scholars like 
U.Ve Kotthimangalam VaradAchAr Swamy , Aasukavi Sri Arayar 
Srirama Sharma. Latter serves as the principal of 
the sanskrit College of MelukOte and is an expert 
in NyAya , Ubhaya VedAnthA ,MimAmsA , VyAkaraNam ,
Aagamam and AlanakAra saasthram .Areyar Swami is 
also a member of the Managing Committee
of the Academy of Sanskrit Research . 

Sriman U.Ve Lakshmi TatAchAr's first son is
Dr. M.A.Alwar , my colleague and partner in
bringing out the recently released versions 
of AchArya RaamAnujA for Vadakalai and TennAchArya
sampradhAyins and students of Sri VaishNavam .
Dr.Alwar is a faculty member at Mysore Sanskrit College .
We have number of projects underway to serve 
the Sri vaishNavA community in general and 
the 20 Million non-resident (overseas )citizens
of Indian origin abroad thru emerging technologies 
like Multimedia , Internet Web Page hosting ,
Portals et al. AdiyEn will keep you posted and 
seek your active participation in these projects
during this coming year . 

Academy of Sanskrit Research
This academy has been established in 1976
under the distinguished leadership of 
Sri Lakshmi TatachAr Swamy .One of Its key goals
is the comparitive study of SaasthrAs and Science .
Critical examination of and analysis of selected 
texts such as Sri BhAshyam , Upanishads , Various 
systems of VedAnthA philosophy , release of 
unpublished works , organization of thematic
conferences are the welcome activities of the Academy.
Please visit the Academy during your next visit home. 

The Research Projects at the Academy
Artificial Intellegence project(Kriya) to aid
some areas of stymied research in natural languages
processing is making good progress. It so happens
that Sanskrit linguists , grammarians and
philosophers have successfully addressed number
of baffling issues in natural language processing.
Insights gained from such studies should be of help 
in advancing AI research abroad .In addition to that
goal in the Kriya project, the work done here would
help establish links to multi-Indian scripts through
the foundation of Sanskrit lingustics. Computational
Lingusitics experts from our group are requested to join 
in these peojects at MelukOte. Microsoft word processing ,
syntax checks , grammar checks in sentences clearly 
stand to gain from the insights obtained from 
the Research at Academy . The SabdhabOdhA , Semushi
and Praj~na software and other modules developed here 
address other important research issues related to:

* parsing valid sentences and identifying 
  a factually incorrect sentence (BodhA )

* The semushi analyser identifies the ending (anta) ,
  the gender (linga) and base (pratipadika), the case 
  (vibhakti) and number (vacana ) of any given noun.

* Praj~nA software module consists of Verb generator
  and analyser.

* ChEtana module consists of participle generator
  and analyser.

* PaaNini is a rule-based software to understand
  the Sandhis as established by the great grammarian,
  PaaNini .

* Janani module is a powerful synonom retreiver 
  that uses a large data base of AmarakOsa, Nirukta 
  and PaaNiNi's ashtAdyAyi . 

* MedhA is a multilingual electronic dictionary 
  covering Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Telegu ,
  MalayALam and English.Any one of the above seven
  languages can be chosen as a source language and 
  the other six become the target languages.

* Bharati is another rule-based software giving
  the metric analysis of any stanza with the number
  of laghus and Gurus and their triplets (gaNAs), 
  chandas, VrutthA and the definition (lakshana) for 
  the particular metre.

As computer Scientists , many members of the net 
would like to learn more about these projects of
the Academy and are requsted to get in touch with
Dr.Lakshmi TatachAr  and help him speed up the progress
of these valuable avenues of research . 

Acaedmic Programs , Library, Museum and Garden

adiyEn has touched upon the flora (pious plants)of 
the unique garden at the Academy earlier. The library 
has 23,000 books on Indian and Western philosophy , 
VedAnthA, Indology, ancient sciences et al. Audio
and video casettes containing lectures by scholars
are also available along with precious/rare palm leaf
manuscripts. The Museum contains number of artifacts
like ancient coins, tools  and idols from various
sites in and around the Academy. 

A wonderful and Modern guest house with 
excellent facilites run by solar power
is a great source of comfort for vistors from abroad
and different parts of India. Modern computers from
desktops to laptops are heavily used here along with 
offset printing facilities. In short , the academy
is a Scholar's paradise thriving under the protective
Thiruvadi Nizhal of ThirunArAyaNan in this ancient
religious center.

Those who wish to help the Sanskrit academy advance
its laudable goals are requested to contact Professor
Lakshmi TatAchAr Swamy at the following address :

Dr.Lakshmi Tatachar Swamy
Academy of Sanskrit Research
MelukOte Karanataka , India 571 431

Azhagiya Sigar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
AdiyEN, RaamAnuja Daasan SadagOpan 



                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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