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Re: Reflections of the Ninth day about MelukOte sampradhAyam established by AchArya RaamAnujA in His niyamanppadi during his stay at Melukote: Part IV.1

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 22:27:11 PST

--- Sadagopan <> wrote:
> AagamAs and Uthsavam 
> *********************
> " The AagamAs are the source texts for the worship
> of God > in His infinite form . Although these
AagamA texts> owe their > allegiance to the VedAs ,
the mode of worship they> recommend > is based on the
exigencies of the practical aspects> of worship.>
However AagamAs are not directly tracable to the>
VedAs. "> There are distinct differences between the
Vedic and> Aagamic
> methods.It is sufficient to say that the Aagamic
> form of worship > supplements the Vedic tradition
and does not> contradict > the Vedic mode. 

Dear Sri.Sadagopan,

What a nice coincidence! In the course of your own
"series" on your personal pilgrimage in India, you too
happen to be covering some aspects of the same thread
of discussion that Sri.Anbil, Mani and adiyen have had
in the past few days, i.e. "aagamA" !!

Thank you, Sir, for your clear statements above. It
puts things in perspective just as Sri.Anbil's and
Sri.Mani's too did. But adiyen would like to follow-up
with some related questions:

(1)You say there are "distinct differences between the
Vedic and Aagamic methods" of worship. Can you please
enlighten us on what are Vedic "methods of worship"
and how they principally differ from the "aagamic"

(2) From a historical angle, what exactly are the
"exigencies of practical aspects of worship" which you
say necessitated or compelled the changeover from
Vedic modes to Aagamic modes of worship? By virtue of
being "practical" does aagamic worship enjoy a premium
over the "impractical" Vedic style of worship? 

(3)You say "It is sufficient to say that the Aagamic
 form of worship supplements the Vedic tradition and
does not contradict the Vedic mode." Sir, in what
specific ways? Can you please refer us to some
authoritative quotes on this? Can you please give us a
few examples to explain this point further?

Sir, please pardon if adiyen is interrupting you in
the middle of your own "series". Please take your time
to answer the above questions, if you want, after you
have completed your pilgrimage-story. There is no
hurry at all.

Thanks in advance.
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