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Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 21:37:56 PST

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>Sri. Mohan Wrote:
>the path that leads one to the Divine is in reality not the result of human
>efforts, but due solely to His Grace.
>Human endeavour is essential to gain the grace of Brahman.
>Sri. Vedanta Desika explicates this both in Tattva-muktA-kalApa and in
>the Rahasya-TrayasAram.  

Srimad Venkata lakshmana yativaraya namah.

human effore is very much essential and that  is  what our acharyan srimad vedanta desikar might have wirtten. it is to be noted here that srimad desikar has also written 100 slokams
on the mercy of the lord.

when does a human-being attempt to obtain His grace? we know many people worshipping demigods and mortals and thus posting their letters to the wrong address. only due to the nirhetuka krupai of perumal, we get the wisdom to take refuge at Him.

it is true that bhagavata kataksham and acharya kataksham will be very much useful in attaining Him. however, who is the motivating factor for the bhagavatas and acharyas to bless us? ultimately He only!

also no previous punyam of whatever magnitude 
directs us toward Him, as we have been committing innumerable sins since time immemorial alongwith punyams and are paid for both in the form of svargadi bhogams and narakadi durgatis.

nirhetuka krupai does not make perumal partial
as He neither gains nor loses anything out of it. 

please forgive me for my mistakes.


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