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questions about saranagathi

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 01:44:38 PST

Respected members,
                  This is regarding questions by Sri
kk with respect to saranagathi.

Q1.Why is it that even after knowing about
saranagathi,one does not perform the same?.

A:By the term "Knowing",if you mean only intellectual
understanding,then answer is that the seriousness to
do saranagathi is absent in such an individual because
he has not practically felt the need to do the same.
Or if the term "Knowing" means intellectual
understanding and also the feeling of fitness only for
performing saranagathi,then in this case if the
individual does not perform saranagathi,then it may be
due to the rebellious attitude of the individual as a
result of his unhealthy ego or the individual has a
foolish bent of mind or he is simply not interested as
he is not a seeker in the true sense. 

Q2.Why some don't understand the concept of
A:The simplest answer i can give is that these persons
are not yet ready to recieve the knowledge of
saranagathi and the problem is subjective if all other
conditions like source of knowledge and circumstances
for doing saranagathi are good and yet the individual
fails to understand the concept of the same.

Q3.what are the solutions for the indiscipline
displayed during practising of saranagathi?.
A.This is regarding the life of a prappana or the
conduct of a person in his life after doing prappati.
There are topics regarding the same in almost all
books dealing with saranagathi ex:- Visitaadvaita by
A.V.Raghavan(TTD publications),Saranagati deepika by
vedanta desika etc. 
  Now,if a prappana commits a mistake in
ignorance,then the lord out of his infinite mercy and
love for
the prappana,excuses him and rectifies him so that
such mistakes don't repeat from that individual.
If mistakes are committed knowingly and
deliberatley,then the individual is punished by the
lord and quickly reformed by lord himself so that the
prappana is once again on the right track with the
right attitude.
As the lord is the person who is the essence of all
the words as he is the sarva antaryamin,a prappana
praying to devas like surya,agni etc during his
obligatory duties with the knowledge mentioned above
does not incur sin as he is praying the lord sriman
narayana himself through the dieties like surya who
are his modes.A prappana though exclusively devoted to
Sri Hari,who is omnipresent,omnipotent and omniscient
shows respect to other gods as they all belong to the
lord as the prappana himself and also ensouled by the

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu

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