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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 21:45:07 PST

Srimad Venkata Lakshmana Yativaraya namah.

Dear Bhagavatas,

My namaskarams to you all.

 here is some info Pancharatra and Vaikhanasa, knwon to adiyen.
 Pancharatras are essentially srivaishnavites.
Vaikhanasas also used to get initiated into SVm
some generations bak. now most of them stopped it.

according pancharatra, as in Bhagavatam, Perumal's vyuhas ae knon as  vasudeva, sankarshana, pradyumna, aniruddha. In Vaikhnasam, they are satya, pUrusha, aniruddha and ananta or achyuta.
similarly, there is a difference in placing the moolavar in the sanctum.
accordin to vaikahnasa, four murtis of lord need to be consecrated on the vimanam of sanctum. those four are nArasimha, vArAha, Vaikunthanaatha, vimaanadhinaatha (presiding deity of sanctum).

in AP, as most of the SVs are thengalai swayamcharya descendants and adhyapakars and achryas in various temples, they did not give due respect to both Pancharatras (who ar also Thenn SVs) and vaikhanasa. this is not right. we need to respect all bhAgavatas. as a result of their swayamkrutaaparaadham, Vaikhanasa developed rebellious attitude and started having vadagalai thirumann in recent generations(though they do not knoW about OUR ACHARYAN SRIMAD VEDANTA DESIKAR). that is why u see perumals and priests with vadgalai thirumann (which is also VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL) in thiruppadhi govindarajar temple and many other temples in AP. in dwaraka tirumala of WG dist. (SECOND RICHEST SRINIVASA TEMPLE IN INDIA), Vaikhanasa priests intentionally kept vadagalai thirumann on the forehead of Manavala Mamunigal and other Acharyans, soon after the Acharya family of the temple left their kainkaryam. tne temple still follows thenn maryadais and sevakalam is done by appointed adhyapakars of the !
same sampradayam. this may be the only thenn temple with different tilak on their acharya's forehead.       

please forgive my mistakes.

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                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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