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Agama Sastras..

From: S.Parthasarathy (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 05:05:53 PST

Dear Bhagavadothamaas,
                       Please excuse me for my casual English.

                     I have a friend in Srirangam named Sri.Ramaswami
who is presently doing his final year of civil Engineering.
He has now taken the task of finding and reprinting all those valuable
Agama Sastras for which he has registered a trust also.The ardous work of
compiling is done by Sri.U.Ve.ES.V.Narasimhacharya Swami (Asthana Vidwan
of SrimathAhobila Mutt).

RamaSwami's inspiration for starting that work is that those Agama Sastras
so much of stuffed information and points to get innovation in Civil
Engineering and Structures in which many people here and in abroad work up

>From them I came to know that we have lost so much of those
treasures.Some of the cantos in them are permenantly missing.Some of them
are found in a very weared manner fully decomposed by environment and by

>From Ramaswami I came to know that some important cantos which specially
deals with these Structures and Civil Engg aspects have been safe guarded
by some American Institutes.He got one photocopy of one among them. 

After going through some of the basic rules of these Aagamas I came to
know that most of the temples don't follow it strictly.Some of the
temples in Kerala in India are following it strictly.The penalties given
for not following these rules are very highly fearful.

         Anything offered to God in an uncleanly manner(Sudhdham Illaamai
in Tamil) are considered to be Non Veg items.This is one of the rule.

        God turns Ugra! when these rules are not followed properly.The
immediate effect is that either that surroundings get damage or the in the
Sanctum Sanctorium.People say that once it happened in Srirangam that Lord
Ranganatha (Moolavar) got fire.This is suppose some 70 years before.

During the year of 1997-98 One of the idols of the Gopuram of Sri.
Ranganachiyar Shrine in Srirangam got totally damaged by a powerful

The God's Roopam itself imposes ugra nature.Depending up on how God looks
in Sanctum Sanctorium lies the nature of response to faults.
Temples in Kerala follow the rules more
cautiously than one in Tamilnadu.When I had a trip to Kerala for going to
all the Tirupathis (in 1995), those Nambudris in our temples perform
Aradhana at the morning at 4.00 a.m with wet Dhoti after taking a bath in
nearby canal.I observed another thing also.They didn't touch us in any
sense fearing that we may be unclean and ofcourse thats true.The same
thing when done in T.N or in other states is considered to be

So it is up to us to follow atleast those Agamas perfectly at the most.

I request all Bhagavadothamas to safeguard all those scripts in any
language in which they have. 


Parthasarathy dasan.      

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