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A small thought

From: Anuradha N D Rao (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 00:52:47 PST

Jai Srimannarayana

I read the articles regarding the Reviving/Preserving Srivaishnavam. I
just thought I will write some of my thoughts regarding this. 
*	Concentrate in spreading the awareness among the younger
	Children observe a lot and elders' actions have a lot of
positive effect. Some small things like the family doing puja together
atleast once a week will help our children realise that Hinduism in
general and Srivaishanavam in particular is nothing to be scared of with
respect to procedures/rituals. 
	Children can be taken with adults to attend discourses that are
not very serious. Children can attend classes that are meant for
imbibing religious and philosophical thoughts. (Iam sure most of us are
aware of Sunday schools and similar concepts). Organisations like
Jeeyaar Educational Trust can be requested to lend teachers during the
summer/winter break or weekends for such activities. Children/parents
can be requested for voluntary contribution. In such classes, children
can also be thought Slokas, Sahasranamas and also songs.These classes
can be for a couple of hours a day or couple of days a week. To really
reach children and keep them occupied, mulitmedia presentations can be
*	Concentrate on retaining the philosophy among present
	I feel this can be done by taking care of the purohits and
archakas in the temple where the public come to seek the blessings of
the Lord. The interaction between archakas and the public is generally
based on how much the individual's money can speak (Iam sorry being so
blunt, but it hurts a lot when you see such things happening). This
naturally tends to move the person away from the temple initially and
then from rituals and philosophy itself. When we really look into this
matter, it is clear that economy leads to such a behaviour from the
archaka. In olden days, day-to-day need of purohits and scholars were
taken care of by the king and the temple and so they were able to pursue
religious duties (without being commercial). Archakas and purohits need
to be economically taken care of, so that they can do their duty without
other motives.

*	Publish philosophies, details about the different acharyas and
holy places in vernacular and English newspaper. There are magazines
like 'Gnana Bhoomi' in Tamil which can be thought for such purpose.


                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -
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