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Re: aagamA-s

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 22:18:00 PST

--- Mani Varadarajan <>
> As far as the various Vaishnava Agama texts are
> concerned, other
> members have already pointed out articles by Sri
> Krishnamachari
> which detail their contents.
> adiyen ramanuja dasan,
> Mani


If you read Sri.krishnamachari's posts in the archives
in this matter it appears clearly that it is NOT a
settled matter that 'agamA-s' are not part of Veda-s.

In fact he begins a paragraph saying,

" SrI vedAnta deSika in his tatva-mukta-kalApa points
out that the =pAncarAtra system originated from the
ekAyana Sakha portion of the =veda-s.  The chAndogya
upanishad refers to the ekAyana Sakha as the veda =
of veda-s, the treasure of the gods, and the sacred
utterance among all =utterances.   ekAyana means "the
only means".
        ".....pancamam vedAnAm vedam pitryam rASim
daivam nidhim vAkovAkyam =ahma-sutra-s.  

Mani, I have done no research whatsoever on this
subject except reading a few articles on it. So I
don't claim any sort of irrefutability in these
matters. But perhaps you or Sri.Krishnamachari himself
can explain what exactly the above passage means?


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