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From: sampath kumar (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 22:29:03 PST


Reading through Sri.KrishnamAchAri's posts again on
the archives on aagamA I came across this passage
which also seems to suggest that it is not a wholly
settled matter that the aagamA-s owe their origin to,
or perhaps were part even of the Vedas:

"...In the historical evolution of the Agama-s, there
have been several =views over time - a) Agama-s are
derived from the veda, b) Agama and =veda are both
derived from a common root or mUla-veda, c) Agama-s
are =inferior to, and less authoritative than the
veda, and d) Agama-s are =superior to veda.  It was
probably these kinds of differences that led =to Sri
YamunacArya's work titled Agama-prAmANya and Sri 
VedAnta =desika's work titled SrI pAncarAtra rakshA."

Perhaps you or any other scholar-member on the list
can clarify the above statement.


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