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Re: sampradayam

From: Geetha Ramaswami (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 17:43:30 PST

>--- sampath kumar <> wrote:
>>--- Geetha Ramaswami <> wrote:
>** deleted**
> > and I have a suggestion for it. How about making
> > the life history of acharyas as amar chitra kathas?

>Good idea. Perhaps publishers of "Nrsimha-priya",
>"pAduka" and "hayagriva-priya" and other will take
>note of your idea and give it a try. But you know the
>problem is that there is not enough circulation going
>around for existing publications even.... but that's a
>different story...

Two points I wish to Contradict:

1. yes, if Narasimhapriya or someone new goes to print
these items, yes there may not be enough circulation.
What I am suggetsing is that even the life/writings of
great acharyas etc can be written in forms of stories
and could be asked to print by the publishers of
amar chitra kathas. I'm sure none of the acharyas
stories is as long as mahabharatam and even if it is
it can be split and printed as short stories with illustrations.
Believe me Kids do read them however long that may be !!

what could be done by Narasimhapriya is to introduce a kids section
with illustrations - It could be teachings in the way of moral
section or stories.

>Secondly, not many people (adults and children alike)
>have patience for long-winded stories these days. They
>want you to get to the point immediately! And, alas,
>the best of "purAnic" stories are invariably long and

2. Again I've to disagree that people don't read long winding
stories. Has John Grisham's latest novel only 3 pages long?
Look at the bestseller (any magazines/countries) and please look
at the number of their pages! Stories if written properly
and appealingly can attract big audiences irrespective of
the size? How many people didn't read "The suitable boy" just
because it was 700 pages long?

>*story of kanchia charya deleted*
>The moral of the story is : funding for a
>Veda-pATashAla poses a problem only when you want
>other people's children going to it. If your own child
>happened to be going to one such school funding will
>take care of itself!
>The ParamachAryA always had an uncanny ability to get
>to the heart of a matter in a cold-blooded, clinical,
>no-nonsense sort of way!
>All disciples gathered there that day .... and there
>were many high-ranking IAS officers, doctors and
>lawyers there amongst the gathering.... all of them
>simply remained  silent and shame-faced!


The audience of Kanchi acharya was top civil servants,
executives - and basically richer or upper middle class.
What about the lower spectrum? (BTW which is where I come from)
Money is a *BIG* issue here! It might be difficult to believe
sitting in front of a computer but in reality the upper
middle class consists of only 20% (the estimation is
ofcourse approximate) of the population and the rest are
all on the race of "the fittest" to survive! And economy
plays a bigger role in the choices they make in their lives !



- aazhvaar, emberumaanaar, desikan, jeeyar tiruvadigale saranam -
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