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Nine forms of Lord Narasimha Swamy in Ahobilam(9-Concluding part)

From: Anand Vangipuram (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 16:14:29 PST

Dear Bhakti List Members:

9.	Jwala Narasimha Swamy
The shrine of Jwala Narasimha Swamy lies higher up
between the two hills, Garudachala and Vedachala
and in a small mountain cave known traditionally as
Achalachayya Meru.  This place is said to be the
actual spot where the fierce anger of the Lord
reached its culmination when He tore open Hiranyakasipa.
The Lord is seated over Garuda peetam.  The Lord has
ten hands; the upper two hold Chakra and Sankha.  Two
hands hold Hiranyakasipa on the lap of the Lord who is
in the sukhasana pose with His left leg folded and the
right leg at ease.  His other hands are carrying
various weapons of destruction and show tearing out
the intestines of the demon to destroy him.  Prahlada
is in Anjali hasta pose to the right of the Lord.
A shrine to the right shows Lord Nrusimha chasing
the Chenchu maiden, Goddess Chenchu Lakshmi, who is
carrying a sword and a shield.  On the left is seen
the shrine of Lord Narasimha emerging out of the
pillar ready to kill Hiranyakasipa.  These three
shrines comprise the main sanctum in the Jwala
Narasimha Swamy temple.

The credit for the information provided herein should be
given to "Sapthagiri" which is a Tirumala Tirupati
Devasthanams Publication.  The original article was written
by Acharya Komanduri Ranga of Stillwater, OK.

adiyen rAmAnuja dAsan,
Venkata Yatiraj Anand

- aazhvaar, emberumaanaar, desikan, jeeyar tiruvadigale saranam -
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