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Re: Sri Kottamangalam Varadacharya

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 23:04:34 PST

--- Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan
<> wrote:
> Dear Bhaghavata UttamAs:
> There are several instances where efforts to
> preserve the knowledge and > wisdom of our present
day Sampradayic giants are> well underway.  One such 
> project is the popularization of Swami Vedanta
> Desika's works.  Eminent > scholars are invited on
Sravanams and their> upanyasam is recorded and 
> distributed.  So far about 20 to 25 different topics
> have been covered.  > This work is being organized
by Shri Anantha> Narasimhachar Swamigal under 
> the stewardship of PoundarIkapuram Swamigal. The
> project is looking for more > support and if you are
interested please e-mail me. 
> Thanks.
> dAsan
> Vijayaraghavan
> Buffalo, NY

Dear Vijay,
This sounds like a sound and practical project. It is
very interesting. Please let me know if there is any
way adiyen can help. I can contribute my little bit to
funding if you like. But more importantly, I
wholeheartedly offer to lend a hand at faithfully
translating the "upanyAsam-s" (which I am sure will be
of excellent standards) into easy and readable English
prose to go down well with lay and young readers. I am
willing to undertake this in a spirit of 'kainkaryam'
if your project leaders feel I am deserving enough to
be entrusted with the task.

If you can send me copies of the 20-25 tapes that are
already out as you say, I can start work immediately.
(I will bear costs of tapes etc.)

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