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Question !!! SaraNAgathi !!!

From: K K (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 11:48:04 PST

Hello Everyone !! Since the group's purpose is
SaraNAgathi, i have a
quick question, its been in my mind for a long
Many who knew about
SaraNAgathi, and importance of it etc... Inspite of
all this, i still wonder why people still woulnd't
take up SaraNAgathi, Its the feeling that everyone is
gonna live forever and never expect to die the next
second, We all hope that we wake up the next morning
and see the bright sunshine, but what if we dont !!
and why is that some dont understand the concept
ofSaraNAgathi !!!!! 
Also after SaraNAgathi, doing Anyadevatha Aaradhana is
extremely Sin, that's like the direct Violation of the
principles of SaraNAgathi.  Well to put in laymen
terms its like getting married, and cheeting on your
spouse, and betraying the trust between two.  Well
SaraNAgathi,is simillar to that, its like the trust
and the blessing that we have from our Lord Sriman
Narayana, through our Acharya, that after SaraNAgathi,
and following the principles the soul will be elevated
to Moksham.  Well if one betrays the principles,then
what is the solution for them.  !!!!!!!!!!!

Krishna Kanumalla
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