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Re: Sri Kottamangalam Varadacharya -Reply

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 07:20:35 PST

Dear Bahagavatas,

I agree with Sri. Madhavakkannan.

The great vedic paradigm is not losing its appeal, it is rather the manner in
which the paradigm is being projected that is becoming unpopular.  The
Quintessential Profound Idealists, our acharyas and great scholars (who
are also practising orthodox vedantins) are trying their utmost to
preserve this profound paradigm in its unadulterated form.  However,
they have to contend with the onslaught being imposed on them by the
eclectics. It is painful to see the adulteration of this profound (idealistic)

If all of us approached the vedic paradigm using a deep seated
approach( and we are all capable of this), we will be able to imbibe, to a
greater degree,  the essence contained in the paradigm.  Having imbibed
the essence to a greater degree, we will be better suited to project the
paradigm in a manner that appeals to the younger generation.  We will be
able to establish that the philosophy of vis'istAdvaita is a comprehensive,
structured, systematic, and rational exposition on the nature of reality.   

The vedic paradigm is an alternative to logical positivist paradigm that
underlies the western, so called, science.  Mundane studies, based on
the vedic paradigm will be vastly different from mundane studies based
on logical positivism.  In the previous yugas and even in the early part of
the Kali Yuga, a society based purely on a vedic paradigm existed (this is
my firm rational conviction.) As the quality of the prarabdha karma
associated with jivas diminished in quality, the prevalence of the vedic
paradigm, in its pristine form, also diminished.  With the degradation of
praradha karma came the degradation of deep-seated approach and 
the growth of the perfunctory approach (i.e., the demise of the
Quintessential profound idealist and the growth of the quintessential
pedestrian dilettante.)

Ramanuja dasan,


>>> "Madhavakkannan V" <> 03/07/00
07:05am >>>
Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dear Sri Samapthkumaran,

While I agree with you and Sri Krishna, on the pitiable soory state of 
affairs presently prevailing, it is not as black as it is painted. There are 
lots of awareness NOW, especially due to graet bhakti posts (especially
Bhagawathas like yourself.. in such inimitable style like that of Sri 
Kuresar's ), there is sure lots of awareness. I know one young lad, (of
talking to his father and asking him to carry out Samasrayanam after
these posts.. (He had already undergone last year)..

You should see also the NAMA events happening, young children
with such enthu, reading the stories of AzhwArs and AchAryAs. The
manner in 
which Srivaishnavas in their 20's and 30's wearing pancha kaccham and

madisaars and not just that. Talking about deep vishayams effioortlessly. 
(after performing bharanYasam, and also avoiding all
eating in adiyEn's home). Today we try to (at least pretend) do because
saw our parents doing and followsing these anushtanams. How do we
pass on 
them.. Just simply do it..

And after all.. is it not His leelA, samapth..? and if at all, some such 
stray thought comes to our mind, relating to Emperumaan, adhuvum


Narayana Narayana

- aazhvaar, emberumaanaar, desikan, jeeyar tiruvadigale saranam -
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