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Re: [bhakti-list] Prayoga Chakram

From: K K (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 20:39:21 PST

  Dear Balaji, i feel like its an honor and i even
feel a bit proud to talk about our Perumal here; 
because day in and day out, we brag about our Lord Sri
Ranganatha's Prayoga Chakra at our Sri Ranganatha
Temple.  One of the main difference about other
perumal and sri Lord Ranganatha is that he always
carry's a Prayoga chakra, which is twisted in his
hands, and its almost in a form, which is like ready
to go !!!!! Well here is a brief explanation about
this Chakra.  When Durvasamuni insulted Ambarisha, and
created a monster to kill him;  Great Ambarish being a
great Vaishnava, didn't even ask for any rescue,
instead the Prayoga Chakra of lord Sriman Narayana @
Vaikuntam came in matter of micro seconds, and killed
the monster and started to chase the Muni Ambarisha. 
He then went around all the locas including Siva and
Brahma, they simply said, that they are under the
Mercy of that Lord Narayana, and its impossible to
defend that Chakra, Finally Durvasa went and fell at
the feet of Lord Ranganatha to resuce from his chakra,
but the Beauty and leela of that Lord is such that, He
said, if you do any Bhagavan's apacharam and ask me
for forgiveness iam entitled to forgive you, but I
love my devotees equally the way they love me, and if
you do any Bhagavatha apacharam i cannot forgive you,
the basic duty and the very Nature of my Prayoga
Chakra is such that even without my command, it
protects my deveottes in every obstacle in life, and
bless them in the path of success and glory, so i dont
have any contol over that chakra, so if you want to
live, go back to great Ambarisha, and fell at his feet
and ask for apology, if he forgives you then the
Prayoga chakra will not harm you.  Durvasa then came
back and asked for the utmost mercy and apology from
king Ambarisha and fell at his feet.  Ambarisha being
a great soul, who has atmost compassion for everyone,
has forgiven him and requested the Prayoga chakra to
spare his life.  The chakra then simply went back to
his eternal homeland of Sri Ranganatha's hand.  So to
conclude, the Prayoga chakra is such that it protects
the Sri vaishnava's in every aspect of their life

Krishna Kanumalla.

--- Balaji CG <> wrote:
> SrimannigamAntha mahA dEshikAya namaha.
> Dear Bhakta-s,
> Please accept adiyEn's praNAmangaL.
> adiyEn has a question to ask.
> What is the significance of "prayOga chakram" ? as
> can be seen in many divya
> desams.
> Ex: SundararAja perumAL, Azhagar malai.
> adiyEn shall be vastly obliged, if the esteemed
> members of the group could
> elaborate on this.
> Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padukabhyam Namaha.
> Swamy Desikan Thiruvadigale Saranam.
> With warm regards,
> dasan,
> Balaji
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