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Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 03:08:41 PST

On reading the write up about Sri nrusimha of AhObhila kshEthram by Sriman
Anand, my thoughts were lingering on the narahari.  This triggered the link
on the passage read recently. The passage is given here.

 Sri mukkoor Lakshmi narasimhachariar in his "kurai onRum illai"
commentaries part 2 on Sri Vishnu sahasranaamam second naama, says "In
atharvana vEdham it is said the nrusimha avathaaram is "electricity". It is
a "current"- vidhyuth sakthi. If we touch current it catches us strongly.
Sri nrusimha also has a name adiththa kai pidiththa perumaan- "Lord who
caught the hand of the person who beat him". 

Then the passage goes on describing how nrusimhan got hold of the sikai of
hiranyakasipu and finally killed him. 

This "vidhyuth" kindled further thoughts in me to link the reference in the
"dwadhasa nama panchara sthothram" recited after completing the reciting of
Sree vishnu sahasranaamam and Sree panchaayudha sthothram. The fifth slokam
of this sthothram reads
"Isaanyaam pundareekaBha: sreedhara pattasaayuDha:!
VidhyuthpraBhO hrusheekEsa hyavaachyaam dhisimudhgaree!!"

Read the lines again contemplate on the vidhyuth prabhu Sree nrusimha.

Dasan vasudevan M.G.

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