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Nine forms of Lord Narasimha Swamy in Ahobilam

From: Anand Vangipuram (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 16:31:14 PST

Dear Bhakti List Members:

This is a continuation from yesterday's discussion.

2.	Krodha Narasimha Swamy or Varaha Narasimha Swamy
There is a small temple cavern, not far from Ahobila
Narasimha Swamy temple, on the banks of the Bhavanasini
river, dedicated to Krodha Narasimha or Varaha Narasimha
Swamy facing South.  There are two shrines in this temple,
one a sthanaka(standing) for of Sri Varaha Narasimha Swamy
with Goddess Bhudevi on his shoulder and the other Sri.
Laskhmi Narasimha Swamy with Goddess Lakshmi on his side.
It is interesting to note that while Varaha and Narasimha
avataras are considered as separate avataras in Dasavataras,
we somtimes come across the combined form, namely Sri. Varaha
Narasimha Swamy.  The popular shrine of Sri. Varaha Narasimha
Swamy is located at Simhachalam in the Vishakapatnam district
of AP.

One plausible interpretation for this combination is that since
the two avataras happened in the same Yuga, one in the form of
Bhu Varaha to protect the earth from the menace of Hiryanaksha
and the other in the form of Lord Narasimha to kill his brother
Hiryanakasipua, they may have been combined as Varaha Narasimha.
However, since only Lakshmi kala could calm down Lord Narasimha,
His avatara was complete only with His divine consort (Sri.
Mahalakshmi) by His side (hence Laskhmi Narasimha Swamy).
Another interpretation is that since Maha Vishnu is always with
His divine consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi, by combining Varaha
and Narasimha Swamy, we get Bhu Devi from Varahavatara and Sri
Devi from Narasimhavatara that would result in Sri Varaha
Narasimha Swamy.  Whether or not this interpretation is
right is left to the discretion of the vedic scholars.

To be continued...

The credit for the information provided herein should be
given to "Sapthagiri" which is a Tirumala Tirupati
Devasthanams Publication.  The original article was written
by Acharya Komanduri Ranga of Stillwater, OK.

adiyen rAmAnuja dAsan,
Venkata Yatiraj Anand


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