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Periya Thirumozhi 4.2- ChakravartthiThirumagan resides at ThiruVaNpurudOtthamam

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Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 20:50:21 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Brahma and other Devas were all created by Him, their sorrows and grievances 
were all removed by Him;- Such Greatest SarvEshwaran Sriya: Pathih Sriman 
Narayanan resides at Thirunaangoor ThiruvaNpurud(sh)Otthamam. AzhwArs 
explains beautifully about the greatness of this Divya Desam.

1. The Lord who had built a bridge across the vast ocean and aimed
just one arrow to cut the heads of rAvaNan, the chief of Lanka, and
let VibhIshaNan ascend the throne. Such Greatest Chakravartthi
Thirumagan resides at this sthalam of Thirunaangoor Thiru-
VaNpurudOtthamam. His most beautiful place is full of densely
Grown jack fruit trees, seNbhaga trees, mango trees and the most
fragrant flowery gardens everywhere.

2. This Lord of ThiruvaNpurudOttham is the One who danced on the most
poisonous snake KaaLingan, by jumping on its heads from the branch
of kadambha tree… He tamed the snake and danced on it.. Such
Greatest Lord resides here. He is the Chief of Devas. This place is full of 
Vedic scholars, Brahmins who groom fire (agni) for Nithya karmas performing 
agnihOthram; who have learnt four Vedas; five Yaaghams and Six Veda a~ngas.

3.   The small cowherd Boy KaNNan, who ate the food that was meant
to be offered for Indran, due to which angry Indran had sent torrential 
rains on them; KaNNan lifted with great ease, the huge Govardhana mountain 
and saved the cattle from the heavy downpour. Such
most wonderful Lord resides at ThiruvaNpurudOttham, in which
peacocks dance gracefully and bees sing mellifluously.

4. KaNNan, who had broken the ivory tusk of Kuvalayaapeetam elephant,
Killed its mahout, entered the palace gate and destroyed the
warriors (chaaNooran and mushtikan), and kicked Kamsan. Such
most strongest Lord- SarvEshwaran resides here at this sthalam of
ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam, in which, red paddy fields have grown
in the middle of sugar cane plants.

5. This Lord, who had cut the thousand shoulders of VaaNaasuran
and chased away Sivan et al who had come to support VaaNan;
who had kicked the asurA who appeared as a wheel (sakatAsuran);
resides at this sthalam of Thirunaangoor ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam,
which is surrouded by tall buidlings that even hide the rays
of Sun and the flags that are tied at the top of these buildings touch
even the sky.

6. The Lord, who had grown H….U….G…E to measure the whole Universe
with His Lotus Feet (when He begged for three measures of earth from
bhali), and when He took Trivikrama avathaar, Brahma praised Him and
offered his obeisance, washed His Lotus Feet with waters that became
Ganges waters; Such Greatest Lord, KaNNan has come for the sake of His
Bhakthas (us), the Lord of Great Sowlabhyam, to this sthalam of Thiru
Naangoor ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam, where the buds of kO~nghu tree
flowers are like the tender breasts of the beautiful women folks of this 
sthalam; the red Ambhal flowers are like the coral red lips and the red 
lotuses, like the beautiful faces of theirs. Such lovely place with flowers, 
gardens and people is this sthalam.

7. The most ferocious angry Lord Narasinghan, who had torn the chest of most 
strongest hiraNyan, and stirred the blood of his; the Lord who had ripped 
open the Kesi asurA (horse) and killed him; - such Most Greatest Lord 
resides at this sthalam of ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam, in which, when young 
beautiful women play, their bangles and the toe anklets make jingling 

8. This Lord is the One who had removed the sorrow (sin) of Sivan,
(who has the beautiful long, large eyed Parvathy as a part of his
body) when his hand was stuck with the skull of Brahma and was
wandering begging with that skull. Such Most merciful SarvEshawaran,
“Parama kaaruNikO Bhagawaan”, resides at this sthalam of Thiru-
vaNpurudOtthamam, where the beautiful fishes that live in the ponds,
get scared when the nearby coconut tree drops the coconut in the
midst of densely grown tall kamugu trees and jump into the next pond.
(What a narration by AzhwAr, describing all at one stroke..)

9. The Lord, SarvEshwaran created Brahma, (the one who created
The red haired Sivan, who has crescent moon on his head).  How?
He created Brahma from the Lotus that emerged from His Lotus Navel.
Such Most wonderful Lord- the Primordial Chief- stays at this sthalam
of ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam, in which the lady monkey (that hugs the
infant monkey tightly to its belly) sits on banana trees, eats the bananas 
plucked from the trees and sleeps on the branches of mango trees.

10. ThirumangaiAzhwAr, the king of Thiruvaali surrendered to the
Lotus Feet of Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan, who
resides at this sthalam of ThiruvaNpurudOttham, where world
renowned Vedic scholars, brahmins reside. He sang these ten
verses on this Emperumaan of ThiruvaNpurudOtthamam
and those who recite (or read) them will enjoy unbounded
limitless Anandham on this earth and then join Nithyars.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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