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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 07:08:10 PDT

>Dear Raama BhaktAs :

A Music lover and a keen student of Bhakthi movement 
>sent me by private mail , information on two additional
krithis of Saint ThyagarAjaA dealing with 
the subject of " Mahaa Visaasam ". I am delighted to
share them with you .
Sri Ramachandra ParabrahmaNE Nama:

AdiyEn , V.Sadagopan 

>On the topic of 'mahavisvaasam' I would like to add a krithi 
>or more to the list.  
>The janaranjani raaga krithi "naadaadina maata nEdu thappavaladhu, naa
>thandRi Sri Raamaa" - Saint Thyagaraja pours out his heart saying "Oh, my
>dear father, Sri Raamaa- you have assured me earlier in my younger days,
>that you will protect me for all the 365 days through out, because I am
>doing bakthi at your feet. You have also assured that the dangers coming to
>me will be removed without causing much damage to me (thalaikku vanthathu
>thalaip paagaiyOda pOgum), you are easily attainable in the bakthi net for
>sincere bakthaas like me (bakthi valaiyil agappaduvaai).  You also assured
>that you will see that I am always attached to you and you alone in bakthi
>etc. These assurances you gave after a lot of thinking. Now you forget all
>these and leave me, this poor thyagarajan".
>The kaamboji raaga krithi "mari mari ninne"

>Thyagaraja says "I am pleading again and again to you Oh my Raama- you are
>not moved. 
>You rushed to save the elephant in distress on a single call from him. What
>is the reason for that? 
>You appeared in front of dhruvan. 
>You appeared in front of hiraNyan , the enemy of  the devaas just for the sake
>of his son. What are the reasons for these acts?
>You saved Sugreeva who forgot all his assurances to you. 
>Oh, the beloved god of thyagaraja, I cannot bear any more. I will not listen
>to you, unless you save me from this kind of repeated pleading to you".
>Oh what an amount of maha visvaasam on Raama that he will save the bakthaa
>from all troubles. 
>SangIthAbhimAni and student of Bhakthi movement .