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From: Velukkudi Krishnan (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 12:11:34 PDT

Dear Bhaktas
Adiyen say a writing on the reason for Vishnuchittar's tirunamam 
"Perialwar". Let me add to it.

If the name was to be given to the head of alwars it should have gone to 
If the name was to be given to the alwars who sung highest number of songs 
again it is to Nammalwar or next to tirumangai alwar.
If the name was to be given to the first by birth it should have gone to 
Poygai alwar.

Then why did Perialwar get the prefix PERIA. Swami Manavalamamunigal 
explains in his Upadesa rattina malai " mangalasasanatil matrulla alwargal 
tangal arvattalavu taan anri pongum parivale villiputur pattarpiran petran 
peraialwar ennum peyar"
i.e. perialwars depth in mangalasasana gave him this name. All other alwars 
when they had the glimse of the Lord immediately asked something for 
themselves e.g. Nammalwar - "inninra neermai ini yaam uramai". whereas 
perialwar alone did not ask anything for himself but sung pallandu for the 
Lords feet. Other alwars have parivu for Lord but Perialwar alone has Pongum 
parivu. There are many instances to prove Perialwars pongum parivu. Let me 
give two:

Lord Krishna was born on rohini. Perialwar iterates this as "attatin patha 
naal vandu tonriya achutan" ie. one who is born on the tenth day from Hasta. 
Start counting from hasta to one side, would give you rohini and on the 
other side would give you tiruvonam. Perialwar without explicitly mentioning 
rohini, mentions hastam and the number only. Why ? Let people keep counting 
and guessing as to which is the correct nakshatram ? If I tell Rohini then 
it will reach to the ears of Kamsa and other dushta drishtis immediately ? 
My Lord Krishna is now so young that he cannot bear all these drishtis. By 
the time all these people keep counting 10 days and decide on which  side to 
count, Krishna would get older and then these drishtis would do no harm to 

Last of the alwars says Krishna did Sakatasura bhanga during 7th month - 
"innambi piranda ezhu tingalil". Whereas the same story is told by Perialwar 
as "naalgal or nalaindu tingal alavile" ie four or five months. What does 
this mean. Is it four or five or 4+5=9, or 4x5=20 ?
Let people keep guessing ? IF not everyone would cast drishti dosham that a 
7 month old baby has done sakatasura bhanga. By the time they decide on the 
number my Krishna would be old and there would be no harm to him.

This shows that other alwars had parivu and Perialwar alone had pongum 
parivu and so is the reason for his tirunamam.

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