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Re: Nama Samvatsaram in U.S

From: Vaidya Sundaram (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 11:18:11 PDT

 I hope list members will correct me if I am wrong in this.

 I have heard from scholars in Kashi that it is only Kashi that has its
calendar ahead of the rest of the world by 12 years; also, Kashi is actually
NOT part of the earth. It is believed that Kashi is separated from the rest
of the earth by a distance of the tip of a grain of rice. In fact this is
also a very important part of the story of King Harishchandra going to
 As for the calendar we follow in the US, simply following the days/dates in
the panchangam followed in India is insufficient. An attempt has been made
to bring out the panchangam with the latitudes/longitudes of the US by the
Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapathi Devasthanam temple in New York
( The "ganita panchangam" as they refer to it may
be obtained from them.

om namo bhagavate vAsudevAya

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Subject: Nama Samvatsaram in U.S

> To the south of Vindya Mountains, the year is Pramadhi. To the north,
> the year is 12 years ahead (Nandana). In US, we go with the name Pramadhi.
> Do we follow this because most of us from Southern part of the country
> If the year is not Pramadhi, as US is to the west of Vindya Mountain, what
> the name?
> Does anyone know?
> Govindarajan.